Xbox One Turns On Then Off [FIXED]  – TechnoGearLab

Xbox One Turns On Then Off [FIXED]  – TechnoGearLab

Are you looking for a solution to an Xbox One turns on then off? If your Xbox turns off and then comes back on, try these simple solutions. This article will bring you through all of the current known issues that are causing your console to boot improperly and how to fix them.

It might be irritating if your console keeps restarting. No one loves it when technical difficulties delay them from getting their game on, whether it’s due to broken power connections, poor ventilation, a weak power supply, or incorrect user settings.

We’ll go through some of the difficulties that other users have reported and provide you with some simple, do-it-yourself solutions.

The Xbox One console may turn off suddenly in the following circumstances: 

  • An issue with the power supply.
  • The console is excessively hot.

How to fix it if Xbox One keeps turning off?

  • The first step is always to double-check that everything is in working order.
  • The next step is to double-check that your power brick is in good functioning order. To indicate that they are getting electrical energy, all Xbox One power bricks have a light on them.
  • The power source is operating properly if you observe a solid white or solid orange light.
  • It must be changed if there is no light or if it flickers.

However, before contacting Microsoft, try the following short fixes:

  1. Make sure the problem isn’t with the outlet you’re using. Try plugging anything else in or switching the power source to a different socket.
  2. If the power supply isn’t receiving electricity, it’s faulty and should be replaced. You may get a replacement power supply online if you registered your console.
  3. If the electricity supply is functioning, but the Xbox One still won’t turn on, get professional help right away because the system might be faulty.
  4. If your console doesn’t turn on when you click the power button on the controller, try pushing the power button on the console directly. This might happen from time to time due to syncing difficulties.
  5. It’s also possible that the issue has nothing to do with your console. Some users have seen black screens while attempting to turn on their Xbox Live devices due to occasional Xbox Live issues.
  6. Some people have found that turning off their internet allows them to play games, but the only other option is to wait for Microsoft to fix its server issues.
  7. If everything else is in order, you can reset the internal power supply. To do so, turn off and disconnect your console from the wall. Wait at least 10 seconds before plugging in; you can wait longer if you like.

How to Fix Xbox One S Turns On then Off Instantly?

After the Xbox One X, the Xbox One S is the second-best version of Microsoft’s video gaming system. It’s inexpensive, yet it’s loaded with features that even non-gamers will like. That isn’t to say the system is faultless; after all, nothing is ever flawless, right? Good.

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Now, we have heard that many Xbox One S customers are having trouble with the system that is Xbox turns on for a second then turns off.

To restore the Xbox One S to its original functioning condition, carefully follow the procedures below. Depending on the severity of the issue, this may or may not be doable.

It’s possible that the Xbox One turns on then off by itself in few seconds because it’s overheating and can’t cool down properly. Before attempting to switch on the Xbox, put on the blow dryer at maximum heat and set it over the fan area for a few minutes.

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A potential overheat is one of the issues that might be triggering the Xbox One to turn on then off after a minute. When the console becomes too hot, the system will occasionally refuse to switch on.

  • For one hour, turn off the Xbox One.
  • Then relocate it to a well-ventilated area of the house to solve the problem. 
  • When that, after an hour has gone, reboot the system.
  • Also, check sure the vents aren’t obstructed by anything from the outside or clogged with dust.

Other possible causes include a faulty power outlet or an improperly connected wire. Alternatively, try connecting the supply into a different socket or using a separate power cable (to avoid chances of a defective pin). For those who are unaware, the Xbox One S, like the Xbox One X, comes with an internal power source.

  • Simply remove the power line from the back of the console to reset the power supply. 
  • Sit down and wait for about 10 seconds before plugging it back in. 
  • Then, to get the system up and running, hit the Xbox button.
  • If nothing else works, double-check that the power cord you’re using is authentic and not made by a third party.
  • Another alternative is to reboot the console by pushing and holding the power button for at least 10 seconds. 
  • If it doesn’t work, the Xbox One S is likely defective, and the owner will need to take it to a repairman or replace it.

Remove any USB devices from the Xbox One before turning it on; if you’re having trouble booting up after a firmware update, this technique should help. You may connect the USB devices and start playing after the console has booted normally.

Turn on the Xbox One until it makes a buzzing noise, then press the power button again to resume regular operation.


From this article, you can fix the issue of the Xbox One turns on then off. If you’ve read this article and followed all of the instructions above and are still having problems, it’s time to seek professional help. It’s advised not to attempt to open it yourself because the components within might be quite fragile.

You don’t want to inflict any more harm to your precious console! You may contact Microsoft Support directly or have one of their technicians check at your console.

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