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Are you trying to figure out what is is all about? InCallUI is In Call User Interface. When you’re on the phone, it controls the display. It has nothing to do with privacy software, and you can’t get rid of it because it’s a system application.

By the time you’ve finished reading this post, you’ll know what this app does, why it’s on your phone, and we’ll have addressed the most frequent misconception regarding its connection to cheating partners.

What is

It’s an error message that appears on your smartphone when you’re on the phone with someone. To put it another way, you may think of it as a call screen with all the options. Holding a call, automatically mutes it, hanging up the phone, and adding another person to the call are all possibilities. These options may be found in the incallui, also known as the “in-call-interface.”

You won’t be able to operate calling applications without a User interface (UI) app like

What does mean?

When you charge your phone, the Android system appears in Google Activity. It also appears when your phone updates an application. It also appears after a software update. The Android operating system is what allows your phone to perform all of its functions.

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The InCallUI comprises the panels that show the caller ID, accept or dismiss the call, and communicate through message and the screen that appears after you have accepted the call.

Conversation UI is a system service that handles all of the actions that occur during a call and is a long-lasting feature of the phone OS.

The interface between your dialer and machine is provided by It implies that when you dial one digit on the dialer the machine recognizes it as digit one.

What is used for?

InCallUI makes taking calls and recognizing calls easy. It also provides you with many alternatives that will make your life easier and wiser. For example, altering the volume level, the ability to record calls, the ability to silence a call, and the ability to access a notepad from the UI. 

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In today’s smartphone environment, we take some things for granted, such as the fact that the screen locks when it comes into contact with your face when you’re on a call. Then you won’t have issues like accidentally opening multiple applications, hanging, or muting the call. Consider the challenges you may face if you didn’t have access to these features.

IncallUI is a simple program that stores UI design data for the call screen; it has nothing to do with cheating. Many people believe that because is not in the app drawer and contains the word “call” in its name, it is used by individuals who cheat on their partners.

What is

An app on an Android smartphone is often called If you notice, it implies the app has User interface (UI) data for the call screen app, which includes interactive buttons for terminating, recording, and holding calls, among other things.

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To see the choices available, visit the, as you would with any other app. In the same manner, when you touch the call button, incallui starts up without your knowledge.

When it comes to smartphones, Samsung is the unquestioned world leader. It has always been like way from the beginning of the smartphone era. 

Samsung unveiled its “OneUI” user interface for smartphones. OneUI is a skin that can be applied to Android smartphones. Samsung smartphones get some extra features due to OneUI.

The is one of the OneUI’s features. When you make a phone call, you may see incallui. The incallui is made up of a call screen with which you may interact and which displays your caller ID. All of the options are included in incallui when you accept the call. 

  • On your phone, open the app.
  • If you want to hide your phone number from one person when contacting them, you may mask your Caller ID by entering a few numbers before the remainder of the phone number.
  • *67 is the code to use.
  • Fill in the rest of the phone numbers you want to call.
  • Make your decision.

What does mean?

Some of the features or applications of the InCallUI that we utilize daily are listed below:

  • It will turn off the screen so that your ear does not make any other phone calls when you are talking to someone.
  • You have the hold option.
  • You can mute the call.
  • The home button may be used to access additional features.
  • You can stop the call by the option.
  • You have the option to record the conversation.
  • You can add a call from someone else (group call)

What to do when Incallui has stopped?

The warning “IncallUI has stopped” prohibits users from receiving or using the dialer app. One Plus, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, Elephone, and other smartphone manufacturers are also affected.

  • Go to the Phone Settings section.
  • Select Apps.
  • The Ellipsis symbol should be tapped with three vertical dots.
  • Select Show System Apps menu.
  • Look for and press it.
  • Clear the cache by using the Clear button.
  • If deleting the cache does not resolve the issue, try restarting your phone and checking for software updates under Settings > About Phone > Software > Check for Updates.
  • You don’t have to touch on About on some devices because the software choice is accessible in the settings.
  • If you can’t locate it, go to the top right and type “software” into the search box. 
  • When checking for updates, make sure you’re connected to the internet; if an update is available, it will prompt you to download and install it; otherwise, it will display the program as an up-to-date message.

If nothing else works, Drupe or Google Phone can be downloaded and installed. Both are excellent calling applications, and by utilizing them, you may prevent the “IncallUi has stopped” notification.


From this article, we provided you information on what is And what is  Incallui is a software program that comes pre-installed on our smartphone in the android folder. Under certain mobile phones, the program may be accessed in Settings -> Apps Menu -> System UI.

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