NordVPN Netflix Review 2018 (UK/US) – Is NordVPN Safe?

NordVPN Netflix Review 2018. Does NordVPN work with Netflix? Use NordVPN in UK to unblock Netflix. See speed and the performance it give with Netflix.

NordVPN Netflix Review – Does NordVPN work with Netflix?

So ill test for speed and then the performance of NordVPN by seeing whether they can unblock to your restricted content. The for testing mode I just want to show you that I’m no longer connected to the VPN and all my internet traffic is now being routed as normal. Through my ISP based in the UK also the speed test will show you how fast my normal internet connection is and then I’ll see what impact the VPN has on my connection.


So I have a ping of 50 milliseconds and 40.27 megabytes per second download speed and a lot the speed of 23.5 9 okay. As I’m based in the UK some streaming content is automatically blocked in my location, for example, various Netflix films or TV series are only available to U.S. residents.

So one way of unblocking the U.S. catalog of Netflix is of course to use a VPN and by choosing a server based in the U.S. Ok can mask my ordinary IP address by obtaining a new U.S IP address. This will then convince Netflix that I’m based in the U.S and will grant me access to their catalog.

So cannot unblock Netflix for me let’s find out I’m going to search for a TV series called loss which is normally only available to us view and therefore it’s no surprise that I get the results. So the solution is to change the location of my IP address to one based in the United States. So just before you do this remember to sign out, go eat your cookies and also restart your browser before returning to Netflix. And not doing so could cause issues when it comes to unblocking.

Okay let’s go back to the north VPN app all I need is a server based in the U.S. So let me click the united state’s option and I’ll be assigned one of the fastest servers available. So I’m timing this connection once again it took 10 seconds the last time and it’s taken 10 seconds again. So as I did before let’s do a quick IP leak test to see if all my traffic is being routed through the VPN. And my location has now been marked.


So how fast is this server and will the speeds impact on my ability to stream content so these results show me that this server has a ping of 125 milliseconds the download speed of 25.10 and an upload speed of 18.9 2 megabytes per second? So a VPN will always flow your connection down and this server is quite far away from me and I’ve chosen it because I need to unblock Netflix. So it will naturally be a little bit slower than servers that are closer to me but compared to other VPN s I’ve tried this one is excellent.

And if you simply want more privacy then just choose a server that’s located closer to your location and you’ll also benefit from higher speeds. And by the way, I tested other lords VPN servers and found that some of the speeds were actually more impressive than this.


Well Nord VPN successfully unblocked Netflix. Let’s find out I’ve no into the US version of Netflix and when I search the lost I’m glad to see that it’s now appearing in the results.

It’s not always obvious that a VPN can unblock Netflix, in fact, many will claim to be able to do this but they often fail.

Is NordVPN safe for Torrenting?

Alright, I wanted to talk about this a little bit but you know I’ve got three examples up here where I get torrents from the pirate bay. You know I’ve been using them pretty much my whole life one of the biggest Torrenting sites in the world. You know I’ve got popcorn time in movie box here. You know I download movies off it there all the time as well.

Ok anyways, of course, Nord VPN will make it safe for downloading torrents. I’ll explain why and I’ll tell you how basically when you’re using Nord VPN, it uses Geolocation targeting. Which you know makes it look like you’re in another location and it blocks your IP address. So nobody can see really where you’re at this means like your service provider cant track you. Google can’t track you and you can fake your location.

Let’s connect to Iceland when you found a server you want to connect to you just you know to click the little connect button. And then it’ll show you in real time you know how long you’re being connected to it it’ll show you your new IP address and I mean it’s pretty sweet.

So now when you go to download you know torrents or whatever you know nobody’s gonna be able to see where you’re downloading them from and it’s gonna make it look like you’re in just in another country or another location.

Ok other than the map feature you can actually pull up a list of different you know areas you could just connect that way but I think the map feature is pretty slick you can kind of like zoom in and out on it and you can kind of just browsing around wherever you want.

It’s working 100% another thing I got to mention about Nord VPN is that it’s secure and it’s reliable. They’ve got like over 4 000 servers you know there. So I mean it’s crazy. I mean it’s totally legit. They’ve been around for six years. So, overall Nord VPN is safe to use.

So you might be asking yourself well what exactly is a VPN and what is its purpose?

Well, a VPN stands for a virtual private network. Alright and its purpose is to create an encrypted tunnel between you and the remote server that is operated by a VPN service provider. Alright so then all the external traffic is going to be routed through this tunnel so that your data is secure. It was kept secure from prying eyes and best of all your computer appears to have the IP address of the VPN server. Therefore masking your identity.

Why do you need a VPN and why is it so important especially in 2018?

Well, it all comes down to your personal data and privacy. You see your internet service provider can see everything you do and they use this to the advantage by compiling anonymous browsing logs that then sold to marketing and advertising agencies to then fine tune the advertising strategies and obviously monitor browsing habits.

Alright so if this isn’t enough to have you worried in 2017 the Senate voted for all ISPs to sell their customers browsing history without their knowledge or approval. Alright, so it’s really important to protect your identity and obviously to have privacy. And with that with the impending threat to net neutrality, it comes as no surprise that customer data has an activity has become the prime commodity that is being traded by advertising companies and monitoring you know for monetary value.

NordVPN UK Review 2018

NordVPN is one of the most popular services available and it’s easy to see why. First of all not only as your IP address kept hidden but your privacy and security are given an extra boost with double encryption, a method that utilizes the power of two servers and therefore encrypts internet traffic twice and not once. If you need to use the tor browser nor lets you connect to the tor network through a VPN server this means that your ISP will no longer be aware that you’re using tor and data leaving a tor exit node will be encrypted.

They don’t keep any logs of user data. So your contents are kept well hidden and your privacy is assured. Also, they have an abundance of servers already in fact over a thousand in over 60 countries and they are constantly expanding their service to include more.

What is the best VPN 2018?

Before I get started with this review I just want to throw out that this review is completely unbiased and this is my personal and honest opinion about node VPN. Right?

Without of the way let’s get started.

Now as I’ve mentioned after performing my research and reviewing a plenty of VPN services, paid VPN services out there, it has you know come to my conclusion that this is probably the best option when it comes on to pricing, speed, privacy, and obviously anonymity.

Alright and let’s see why?

So as you can see right now I’m on their website and it’s just gonna give you a very nice intro page as you can see advanced security internet freedom and complete privacy now pretty much all VPN services throw that out there they all want to be known as the base the best are the fastest and the most secure but let’s look at why not VPN is probably the standout option alright

How many devices could you use with NordVPN?

If you’re someone that just loves multiple devices don’t worry because not allow you to have up to six devices connected at one time. So if you have an iPhone, iPad, PC or even a Smart TV or game console you’ll be able to use all of these devices with the one account.

Is it have the kill switch?

The software is available for most of these devices and is warned they come with a kill switch. It sounds dangerous but its really a lifesaver and you’ll find out why in just a moment.

Pricing plans

Like many providers, you have three pricing tiers to choose from but you get all of the features and functions with any of these pricing plans. You can pay monthly or if you want to take advantage of their discounts then choose to take a six month or a yearly subscription.

When it comes to paying you can either choose PayPal, Credit card, or any of the other alternative payment methods. Some of you will be glad to see Bitcoin is included and this is great because it will keep you anonymous throughout the payment process. Whatever pricing plan you choose and even with the discounts, you’ll be given a 30-day money back guarantee.

So that’s plenty of time to test-drive the software and if you’re not impressed then simply request your money back.

How exactly Nordvpn account looks like?


Your Nordvpn account here. You could change your pricing package, alter your payment methods and of course change your password or take advantage of their referral scheme. You can also access the demo page where software is available for apple windows and Android devices and you can find setup guides for other platforms.

Is it fast when it comes to installing?

So Nord making this extremely easy for users who prefer alternative platforms and devices I’m using windows 10. The windows app downloading is easy. It’s fast but when it comes to installing. Give it two to three minutes and you’ll be ready to go so once installed log in to the app and you’ll be greeted with a very snazzy map.

NordVPN map

So if you’re bored of endlessly sifting through scroll boxes to find a server and not has the remedy, you can scan this map click on whatever location you and Nord will automatically connect to the fastest server available. And if you’re not sure what server is best for your needs to click the connection wizard and select whichever options apply to you. Whether you want to use north of streaming services or you want more security or anonymity, click this option and you’ll be given a server that is appropriate for you.

Categories of servers

But let’s dig deeper here and see what other features they have click on the servers tab and you’ll gain access to various categories of servers. So for added security, you can choose the double VPN service or the anti-DDoS service. Also to access Tor over the VPN here are the specialized service for these peer-to-peer users, can use selected servers for those activities.

Is NordVPN offered dedicated IP addresses?

And there are also a few selected locations where Nord offered dedicated IP addresses.  As opposed to sharing IP addresses with others this comes at an extra cost though and can be purchased by contacting support.

Favorites server list

Also below you have all the standard servers a great feature here is that if you found a server that hasn’t let you down then remember you can click the heart icon on the list and it will be added to your favorites list. To access your favorites list simply scroll to the top and use the drop down box to see all of your favorite servers to connect quick connect to favorites and I will connect to the fastest available server and if you can’t find any server on the list use the search function and a list of servers will appear for you to choose from.

Settings tab


The settings tab contains all the basic settings for this VPN app I mentioned the kill switch earlier here. It is and by switching this on you’ll ensure that if your VPN connection drops out for any reason all of your internet traffic will stop and be prevented from flowing back into the hands of your ISP. And you can even select various programs and apps to be protected with the kill switch as well.

Other settings on this panel give you the option to connect to a server automatically or you can lodge NordVPN when you start up your computer.

Custom DNS servers

They also offer their very own security package which includes anti-malware, anti-phishing, and protection from various other threats. And if you head over to the advanced settings you can do more. You can choose to always use UDP connections instead of TCP or set custom DNS servers. The obfuscation setting is important for users living or traveling to countries that block attempts to access restricted foreign content. Quite often governments will make VPN users quite difficult such as China. By switching on this feature you’ll employee Nods very own connection methods that can help you to bypass tough firewalls.

And finally, this app also lets you view your account where you can change your subscription or be redirected to your account on your browser and a system log is available to view which comes in handy when diagnosing any technical issues.

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