Nord VPN Vs Express VPN 2018 – Which VPN Is Better?


We’re going to compare a Nord VPN Vs Express VPN on their customer service, pricing, payment options, privacy, speed, IP locations, platform supported and the results of a DNS leak test. So without any further ado let’s begin.

Customer service

We’re going to compare Nord VPNs customer service against Express VPNs customer service. Both of these VPN services offer fantastic customer service. What I really like about both of them is they both offer real-time chat. So you can go at any time of the day or night and go to their website and if you have any questions you can enter it into another chat window there and they have immediate responses.

Well, they both also offer is email support. So you can send it a question through their forms and they’ll get back to you within a reasonable amount of time or you can also search through the Q&A; forms to see what they have got for answers there.

So if you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer you can take a look and often find many of the answers available there what did differentiate Nord VPN from Express VPN a little bit though as they have their social media options.

So both on facebook and on twitter which you can use to ask questions. So with that, I gave Nord VPN just a slightly better ranking as they did have the social media options where you could ask some of the questions versus express VPN. So this is not to put down express VPNs customer services at all and I found that both Node VPN and Express VPN offer some of the best customer services that I’ve seen so far.


Ok so up next we’re going to take a quick review of both the pricing options for Nord VPN on Express VPN. So they both offer monthly semiannual and annual payments as well. In addition, Nord VPN offers a biannual payment option. So on a monthly basis if you’re just paying month-to-month Nord VPN is 8 percent cheaper than Express VPN.

If you paid semi-annually then there are 30% cheaper. If you go with a buy an or with an annual payment our VPN is 31% cheaper and if you go buy annually so in order to account for this I just compared the by an annual rate of Nord VPN versus Express VPN rate and it was a 54% savings.

So Nord VPN is a little bit cheaper on a monthly basis I think it’s more the longer-term. You go out the more money you’ll save if you’re signing up with Nord VPN.

Payment option

One thing that should be noticed noted about the payment option here. Years even for instance semiannual says that you’re paying $7 a month. if using Nord VPN, you pay for that all at once upfront. So you’d make a payment of $42 between Nord VPN and Express VPN.

Both of them accept all major credit cards. So visa Mastercard, American Express etc. They also take Bitcoin and Paypal. Nord VPN offers a total of eight different payment options whereas Express VPN offers a total of sixteen different payment options through some alternative carriers and methods as well.

So, because of the greater number of payment options that Express VPN offers they outperform Nord VPN on payment options available.

Privacy options

We’re going to be looking here at the number of servers and countries both Nord VPN and Express VPN have available. Some of the different protocols that they use and then some of the different BPM that VPNs and Nord VPN offers.
So with Nord VPN and Express VPN, they both have kind of opposite strengths here when it comes to the number of servers in the number of countries.

Nord VPN offers a multitude of server locations so over 950 server locations in 57 countries whereas Express VPN strengths lie in the number of countries at 94 with only 145 server locations.
So Nord VPN has more servers and fewer countries and Express VPN has fewer servers in more countries.


So next we’re going to take a look at the different protocols that they’re using both services offer a 256 bit AES encryption using the following protocols PPTP open VPN l2tp IPSC. Nord VPN uses IKV2 IP set protocol which Expresses VPN doesn’t use an intern Express VPN uses SSTP which Nord VPN doesn’t use here the two of them do not offer.

A lot that separates them between each other where Nord VPNs real strength is they offer many different VPN options. So they have a double VPN that onion over VPN an ultra-fast TV BPM, anti-DDOS VPN, dedicated IP servers, their standard servers as well as their PT peer-to-peer servers. S, for instance,e the double VPN actually has it routed through VPN server so say in Canada and then overrun through another VPN over into the united states before it puts you out onto the inner force of traffic. So it helps to embed your IP location a little bit deeper.
So because of all of the additional offers and options at Nord VPN offers for BPM services and types Nord VPN comes OD with a distinct advantage over Express VPN here.

Speed test

Next, we’re going to take a look at speed test and see how both Nord VPN and Express VPN compare against each other. So for this, we use three different website speed tests org and forward slash speed test.
We do two aggregate of the three results from these websites. We did them both the four Nord VPN and express VPN were launched and then after Nord VPN and Express VPN were launched. We wanted to compare to see how the average download speeds and upload speeds compared when the service was engaged and when it was not engaged.
So Nord VPN ended up with a download speed of 7.73 megabits per second and an upload speed of 1.2 megabits per second before was engaged. After we turned it on it dropped it down to 7.51 megabits per second and 1.19 megabits per second for an upload.

So, for a difference of 0.2 two megabits per second on the download speed and 0.01 megabits per second on the upload speed.

Express VPN had an average download speed of 6.83 megabits per second and an upload speed of 0.89 megabits per second before it was launched. After it was launched to drop more dramatically down to 5.28 megabits per second and upload speed of 0.72 megabits per second.

So, the difference between Express VPN was 1.55 megabits per second for a download speed reduction and 0.17 megabits per second.

So, with such a large variation between Express VPN and Nord VPNs download speed differences and upload speed differences. Nord VPN comes out ahead in this comparison.

IP locations

So next up we’re going to take a look at the IP locations and how Nord VPN and Express VPN did at hiding my original eye location versus where they were showing up with their different server locations when they were selected. So both of them performed similarly well in hiding my original location and they both had a similar challenge.

So we selected four different server locations for both of them kind of all around the globe different locations but all around the globe. We were looking at Nord VPNs Australian servers they had one that was broadcasting from the united kingdom and when we were looking at Express VPN we had to one night selected Los Angeles but it was actually showing broadcasting from Delaware

So because of their consistency both in areas where they performed well and then areas where they struggled a little bit. Neither one of them fared any better than the other one here.

Supported platform

Next, we’re going to take a look at the platform supported. Both of them support kind of the main five they both support windows ios, Linux, Android and then Mac, OS where they do differ is Nord VPN offers additional support to blackberry users. So this gives Nord VPN a slight advantage over Express VPN when we’re looking at the platform supported.

DNS leak test

So now on to our final category that was going to take a look at were gonna care comparing Nord VPN on express VPN and how well they compared with the DNS leak.

We’re using three different websites here we use DNS leak to test it. So as was expected or as would be expected for both Nord VPN and Express VPN. We see that they had server leaks beforehand they each had four service detected of DNS leak and for service detects on DNS or VPN had a couple of additional servers detected on DNS leak to express VPNs at 3:00.

So, after both of the services were launched we saw a reduction of down to no DNS leak test and one server being detected for both of them. So we’re once again we’re using the same three websites. Now it was a slight deviation with DNS leak test v p.m. they were showing that they had a might be that the server might be leaking but I could only see one server when I was actually looking at the website.

So, I’ve treated this as only one server being detected but that’s why there’s an asterisk beside the number one here. So for this one both of them fared well they were both hiding they’re both preventing a DNS leak from occurring.
So they’re neither one gets the advantage here.

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  1. I don’t have anything against Express, but I only tried NordVPN, and I can’t find any reason why I should change it. I really like their customer support guys, whenever I travel to restricted countries – I ask them which servers will probably work better and every time they kindly give me all the information I need.

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