Netgear Nighthawk X10 Review – Smart WiFi Router (R9000)

netgear-nighthawk-x10If you need unlimited speed with reliability then Nighthawk X10 is the best choice for you. Before you buy read Netgear Nighthawk X10 Review.

The Netgear Nighthawk x10 router is an eight-oh 2.11 AV router with a lot of power. In the short well that I’ve had it I’ve been very impressed with the connectivity. Along with the fact that actually has bumped up my bandwidth a little bit on my modem. Let’s get out over all the pros and cons.

  • The nighthawk x10 has a wi-fi speed of 7.2 gigabits per second at the 802.11 AC and AD levels. You can connect up to 20 devices along with 6 Ethernet ports connected up to 1 Gigabit Ethernet and one 10 Gigabit LAN port.
  • Two USB 3.0 ports allow for external drives or other devices to enhance the routers storage and power.
  • For high performance, active antennas allow for large display. So you can access the internet from a good distance inside or outside of your home.
  • The genie interface still isn’t as impressive as id like it to be. Still, you can control your router from the web interface or an app from computer or phone.
  • Performance to your internet connection I might see a small boost and of course it depends on who you are and where you are.
  • The router has a 1.7 gigahertz quad-core processor inside to handle instructions from the computers, the mobile devices, IOT, gain systems and devices you might have attached to the Nighthawk
  • The Nighthawk also acts as a server for your plex media. Server syncs up with your Amazon drive cloud backup for local access to your files

Now you might scoff at the $500 price tag but if you’re on an internet heavy household this smart wi-fi router will more than make up for any hesitations.

802.11 AD is a 60 gigahertz wireless that can do data throughput of up to 4 gigabits per second. 4X faster than the 802 2.11 ac counterpart. Now this means your 4k TVs and your Xbox, Ps4 for games systems will not be hanging around waiting for packets to get delivered.

Keep in mind AD actually has a smaller range so you want to have those devices closer to your router but don’t worry if ‘ in the backyard or in the garage or something like that that b/g/n signal is still there and it will still get internet to you.


nighthawk x10 Accessories

So it includes the accessories you’ve got an AC adapter for the UK and European sockets. Category 5e Ethernet cable about two meters in length, the quick Wi-Fi start guide and also a firmware disk with any recommends using that disk. If you struggle to get online in the first place you can set up using the film where it’s already on there and then just upgrade when you get your internet connection sorted.


So onto the beast itself if it doesn’t look like something out of space. Now one thing I’m really happy to see is its all matte black rather than gloss switching mobs to you of my roaches but would always scratch up and just look horrible after a little while if you don’t take care of it. Nice to see Matt on this one as you can see there’s quite a lot going on.

So let’s go around at your bruiser itself. So on the front, we’ve got a different activity light, we’ve got the wonderful power network 2.45 and 60 gigahertz Wi-Fi guest, Wi-Fi USB 3 ports our tank your white SFP connection, 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Then you’ve got buttons to turn the Wi-Fi on and off and also WPS for quick Wi-Fi pairing.

Cooling fan

It’s a bit difficult to see but there is a 40-millimeter fan for cooling if it needs. I’m pretty sure I’m not actually seeing this spin since I’ve been using this. My hard doubt is going to be audible either.

4 adjustable antennas

So looking at the four antennas you’ve got awards range of adjustability of each as well which is great for positioning it for different rooms. For example, I have one for the office, like one for my bedroom, one for the front ring downstairs. So you can adjust them perfectly to how your house is set up. It’s a lot of blues which is pretty cool as well.

AC adapter, power switch & SSP port

Around the business side, that’s when you see what we’ve got there’s the AC adapter, a power switch, your 10 gigabit SSP port for that stupidly fast connection.

The yellow port


so was going to take our Ethernet cable from our modem or if you’re in the UK or USA some homes that she was with rj45 into the wall. Then you’ve got six gilbert Ethernet connections and you’ll notice see one and two or actually aggregate connections that means you can pair them together and one something that also supports aggregate at twice the speed.

Ethernet ports

So, I’m using my math’s actually has two Ethernet ports on the back which is perfect for this. They basically tease them together and they run in unison to get double speeds throughput which is great if use it like me which is for editing video. Means those preview files load a lot faster and it makes everything a lot easier.

Reset switch

Then left of that we’ve just got a simple reset switch and then also an option to turn off the LEDs which is quite handy.

USB 3.0 ports

The underside has got rubber. If we’re going to put it on a flat surface or you’ve got the option to wall mount it which is probably what happened to mine. So on the left of the roots, we’ve got two USB 3.0 ports that were going to use four-plex. The actual option for plex isn’t available unless you have a drive connected.


So I want to try and show you the LED’s that are in the antennas and also just the ones that are on the front this footage doesn’t really do it justice but they have got a really cool globe to press me for me. I turn it off because it’s the other side of my office and I don’t really see it anyway but it is pretty cool to see in the dark.

Is Nighthawk X10 best for gaming?

Now I do want to primary focus on the gaming aspect aside and how you can use this to benefit you as you play. So this is one if not the first root of that now supports 82.11 AD Wi-Fi technology. As well as an oh 2.11 AC which helps deliver ultra-smooth 4k streaming. We are gaming with instant downloads. It runs with a 1.7 gigahertz quad-core processor with quad stream architecture which gives you a total of a 7.2 gigabits per second of speed.

It has four independently adjustable antennas that you can move to the best position for you. So maybe you’re aiming it towards different bedrooms in your house or maybe where you work.

Another awesome feature, it’s got it has a plex built into it. So you may need for any external devices. Personally, for me, I use plex off of a mass that this bypasses that completely. So if using on a VPN you can even access it that way. So it’s really quite cool well cover that of course later on.

We also have a 10 gigabyte SSP plus lamp or if you want to go for a 10-gigabit network. A lot of masses are actually more affordable pricing. As you’d probably expect as you have the 10 gig port that could be a possibility for you in the future if you wanted to upgrade to get that ultra-quick network.

Alongside, that it’s also got 6 gigabit Ethernet ports as well. So you want to connect an external drive you’ve got 2 USB 3 ports on the side which you can also use your plex video backup to amazon drive or even just for a USB printer.

Web options

If you’ve got it in isolate. Let’s take a look at the web options. We’ve got this is simply routed logging net and it will give you all of the possible settings for the router itself. we’re not going to go into a massive detail because we would be here for hours but I will give you a rough outline of what’s available.

  • So the very first menu is going to see it will see the basic stats and what’s going on the basic menu down the sides you’ve got options to set up what you’re going to do the USB ports if when to set up printers. For example, will make them for backup sources, you can do it runs you through what you need to do this set it up as well. That’s very easy to get up and running and drive clouds back up if included as well which is quite nice to see.
  • Then we’ve got guest networks if you have friends or family over for example and you don’t want them on the main Wi-Fi connection, you can put them on that one. Now you can run points through this as well if you so wish a little bit more they’re technical things are set up.
  • So Plex is one of the things I wanted to cover in the bit more detail. So simply a case is downloading onto whatever drive used for this I’m using a SAM disc SSD. They’re loading the software is really quite simple automatically downloads to a device and then you run it from the root itself.

SSD enclosure

So I can simply convert to USB 3. now as long as its quick enough you can also use the USB drive. For example, you don’t have to use an SSD as long as it’s USB 3 and is quick enough you should have no problems with it at all.

So once your loads up this is what you’re going to see the home screen once you set up your folders. I have tried the actual 4k rendered file and I can play that over the network which is pretty impressive. With the usual Plex App, you’ve got seconds to do all the different configurations of speed saying setup local remote and online quality. So if using a VPN you can obviously bring down the quality if you want to stream it from home. For example, you can do so maybe you want to waste some time at work and you want to watch some gameplay or movie you can even do that.

So looking into the advancement news obviously for things that I can’t show you. We’ve got the options that we’ve quickly looked at before so through the advanced features down the side. The aggregation is one of the things that I’m using the most from my maths. As it’s got ports on the back you’ll make use of it and bring those to your connections together to get double the speed as they work in unison.

As I mentioned previously, it’s made by editing a lot easier and more fluent as we’re not waiting for files to buffer when I voice them over so it makes my life a lot easier which of course you’d expect I’m very happy about.

Now the matter home service was seeing is actually gradually increasing as we go on in today’s society and to have the option to have something like that in a home networking product I think is really great. People are always looking to improve speeds on their phones and laptops. So why not improve that on your network as well.

Now the LEDs that are on the router itself. You can disable those as you ways remotely rather than just a switch on the back. Which is quite nice when you’ve got options for VPN and also port forwarding as well. This is one thing that gamers are definitely gonna be using opening up the right ports to play online. Personally, for me, I found a lot easier than my previous router as you can input a range of numbers rather than doing them individually.

Speed test

So summing this up is going to be really quite difficult. So I’m going to give it my best shot this is quite a tricky thing to explain on how it improves you know networking over what I’ve previously used.

First of all, got the wired connection this is using cat 6a cable with the gigabit switch going to my PC at the top we’ve got my previous route of which you see TP-link AC 1900. Then below we’ve got the x10.

A little bit of a benefit and download speed but that obviously could fluctuate depending on how many different people are using that at one time. The previous reader was also using wide gigabit as well. So it’s pretty much-made fluctuation there.

Now we did have a playback with the white this is where things got really interesting. Given the high gain antennas are built into this thing and the massive range I expected I thought wed just go and just see what we can do with it.

So the most portable convenient option for this was obviously my iPhone. So, first of all, we’ve got the result which is my phone set on my desk probably three and a half meters away. Now while I’m at 80 down and twenty up to the network as you saw by the previous results that stay pretty true when it’s on the wide network. So obviously were not going to get any further than that wireless.

Also, another thing to note as I mentioned before if I’m not using an 802 11 AD product, I won’t get the 60 gigahertz frequency that I can actually go up with those crazy bit rates. Obviously well see those products come down in price as we progress through the year when it does become a bit more standard buy until at that point I’m going to be sticking with 2.4 and 5 gigahertz.



So the first result stayed pretty consistent about the 46 to 48 megabit download then about 18 to 19 megabit up.

The next test was downstairs by the back door of the house and that was probably about 10 meters away obviously you’re going to have walls in there as well if you were to look at it by line-of-sight and again we’ve got a pretty good connection. So it was impressed with that.

Next level with the top of my garden you’re probably looking about 18 meters away. So you’re starting to get you to know, fairly far from where the rooter is I just have two antennas pointing roughly at the back of the house one to the garden. So obviously that would help a little bit still with a fairly decent result you could just take a laptop out and game apps over that a problem.

Although gaming over Wi-Fi something I wouldn’t really recommend because you can drop packets quite easily. But this just shows. It can be done with those antennas and then I thought let’s just go absolutely nuts and this is probably about 30 meters away.


So this was right at the back of the garden and you could still get a decent download speed. So if you’re out there just surfing the internet it’s nice to know that you can get really far away and you’re not going to have to worry about no connection. So we’re looking forward to seeing some a 2.11 AD products. As you go further through the year that was really interesting to see what speed benefits we get from this new frequency but Wi-Fi side this is going to be perfect for it for streamers as well you really rely on that low ping.

And also the processor will help you make sure you vent drop any packets when you’re uploading as well you’re doing the really solid upload connection when you do stream. Some at least 10 megabits. You know to get a really good quality on twitch. For example and this will really help benefit from that as well.

Should you not have the option to go hard-wired into the gigabit connection?

Then you can use the Wi-Fi. Of course, the four antennas will really benefit the signal. I know there may be a case where you don’t want to run a cable along a skirting board where you physically can’t run it just because of the length the way you are from the router or even power lining.

For example, you can’t do it that way then, of course, the four antennas will help you greatly I’ve not had any drug packets and had no downtime with the route at all since has been used. You can also branch into VR gaming as well. We could even stream that because you can support the traffic going through the router to your PC. If you wanted to play back video files through the storage device from the USB router playing that over to your PC then on you will be our headset. You can do all of that it can cope with it no trouble at all.

I put this route through a lot of stress over the time I’ve been testing it by transferring things. Across the network using the aggregate connection while editing on mine ass been downloading software uploading Youtube videos like all at the same time its handled it perfectly having that quad-core processor really benefits to get the absolute maximum speed you can across your network.

This is now also shown that no matter what network and product I get unless it’s going to match this. Then I’m just not going to be happy because I’ve become a definite speed freak from using the x10 definitely going to be using the boot simplex as well with my television when I get that all set up makes it a lot less stressful having to add another step by trying to access it from an ass.

Should you purchase NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 AD7200 (R9000)?

If you need unlimited speed with reliability then Netgear Nighthawk X10 is the best choice for you. You have other cheap routers out there but if you are a heavy user or a video editor this beast router is the perfect choice for you.

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