Move Now Review – A personal workout coach on your wrist


The move offers an activity band that is unlike anything I’ve seen in the past. The second generation move claims that record movements in 3d offer audio feedback in real time to improve your performance and coaching like no other. Not bad in theory considering the move now is only $79 retail.

  • Small and comfortable
  • Long battery life
  • The Android and iPhone app
  • Real-time audio coaching and feedback
  • Can track sleep, calories burned, and active minutes.
  • It’s not a good option as an all-day activity tracker
  • The syncing process is a hassle
  • The boxing workout — requires two devices

Let’s jump into the Move Now Review.


Go over the physical features the retail package will include two straps. One for your wrist and the other one for your ankle. Both straps are super smooth very easy to wear and elastic for comfort. More importantly for me, they are breathable. The Move itself goes inside the band and is essentially just the tracker and I’m not saying this is as a negative or so. But so that you’re aware there’s no clock or display no silent alarms or vibrations from this.

The tracker itself when worn properly snug has never fallen out but if I had to critique one area when taking the band off the move snapping buttons here tends to fall out easily. So be cautious about that.

But while wearing this has been perfectly fine with no issues whatsoever the band has never come undone during my workouts despite using this snapping button style. And before I forget to mention the move now it does have all-day tracking capabilities but the focus and wear this does really shine is during your recorded workout sessions.


Let me jump into the app and I’ll show you exactly what. I mean on the main page move. Now focuses on active minutes taking numbers from the world health organization 30 minutes is the minimum daily recommended number for a healthy lifestyle tapping on this shows your general activity with those active minutes being colored.

And as you can see there isn’t much information or data like distance, calories and so on like other bands and it’s very similar for sleep as well. This does automatically and accurately tell you when you fell asleep in for how long but the information and how it is displayed it isn’t as robust as other bands at the markets regardless.

It is something though for you to look at but backing out on the very top offers the different exercises that this can track. Starting with running and walking during my test I quickly realized this tremendously helps beginners and amateur runners all the way up to enthusiasts and maybe even pros.

Each of running exercise offer can be adjusted to match your skill level where they swipe up and each swipe you can see the cadence and interval time change. But while running here you’ll hear audio cues from your coach indicating your pace and if you need to pick up speed how many more minutes are left in your interval, how much distance has elapsed and how much time you have left to go.


The app also tells you if your feet are hitting the ground too hard and yes the move somehow is able to measure the g-forces and impact in the audio cube advice to either shorten or lengthen your stride as can measure the range of motion of your feet.

The sensors in this thing are pretty intense. Now during my run here where this works for beginners are audio cues of subtle reminders to relax your arms or shoulders something that the band doesn’t recognize obviously but those reminders will trigger your mind to become more self-aware.  Once again the during your strenuous run when your mind could be focused on something else.

Overall I love the running portion of this app as the metric focuses on your runs performance. The key components and helping to make you a better rudder and one thing that I’m always afraid of with these coaching type programs the suggestions can get repetitive.


Now, for the most part, we move now is that as different running exercises from efficiency running to brisk walking sprinting they all have a good variety of suggestions it really does feel tailored to those challenges. A huge plus in my book for that.

Now next up is cycling which doesn’t offer any workout programs which is understandable since your location or terrain would dictate your performance but the app does show in real time if you’re pedaling too slow or too fast, in turn, the app would then suggest for you to switch gears and explain if this would basically save your knees from the extra stress or maybe insist that you’re taking it a little too easy.

GPS allowing for the app to record your speed and distance

Second, the app enables your GPS allowing for the app to record your speed and distance very accurately. At last is move power which is a proprietary number here based on your weight, cadence, speed etc. It’s a measurement of the power you’re using and in a gauge of how hard you should be working the bike.

Moving on to at home coaching there are exercises consisting of jumping jacks squats push-ups setups etc. The app will display that workout needed to be performed up top here so you can imitate if you’re really unsure and while you will be doing each exercise you can see the green lines move up and down or back and forth registering your movement in real time.

Each time the band wraps around that circle its a completed action. Like I said its pretty accurate but on some occasions although I do the exercise and may not register completely some exercises did require a bit more precision on my end to have correct for some reason.

Now, this didn’t happen too frequent for this to become a malfunctioning unit or in bad user experience. But overall on the more difficult levels, it did become challenging. But I must say even skipping ahead and unlocking levels 12 and above its the same repetitive exercises over and over again. The 3d movements being registered in real time looks cool but the repetitiveness gets a bit dull after a while. So hopefully more workouts will be available down the road later.

Last and this is only available on Apple devices for the time being and the move did disclose to me that Android users will eventually have this early of 2016. It’s cardio boxing. Now I didn’t have anywhere else to really display my iPad here. So using the nightstand still worked out great but this is really the most fun that I’ve had with penny ban this does require to move now trackers one for each wrist of course and the exercise works kind of like a tower hero or rock band that you see on PlayStation or Xbox.

You jab cross hook and uppercut while switching stands periodically hitting the air whenever the target crosses the line. Indeed you can just swing your arm anywhere you can swing gently and it will still register and move but to help alleviate those who may kind of cheat the system here and become numb to this game. The tracker does measure your speed of each punch the number of g-forces that you put in and also the accuracy and response times.

The more aggressive you are the more once you do accumulate and its pretty fun over time and once the difficulty levels to increase the speed will increase as well ensuring that you will be sweating by the end. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.