Kaspersky Internet Security Review 2018

This is Kaspersky latest release of one of their flagship products and we were gonna be taking a look at it and see how well it can protect us against a malware infection. So if we dive into the product and we take a look at its usability and its user interface, it’s pretty sleek and modern.

Kaspersky internet security tabs

You have a scan button right here, database update, safe money which is their identity theft protection you know to protect your online purchases and stuff online privacy protection, parental controls and you can protect more devices. You also have a more tools button where you can access stuff like software updater, software cleaner, cloud protection and that sort of stuff.

You can also see application control right here, how much of the CPU is currently being used, as well as memory, as well as a disk activity. You also have your network monitor. So you can see inbound and outbound traffic and you can see reports such as you know objects deleted blocked and network attacks that were blocked.


You have a settings button right down here, you have your general tab where you can turn the protection on and off whether it launches during startup and that sort of stuff, as well as some other options such as perform recommended actions automatically and stuff like that under your protection tab.

That’s really going to me be the meat of your program you have the file antivirus, the web antivirus and application control which are really the you know most important parts of this security product as well as the firewall, private browsing, webcam protection, software updater, anti-banner which is off by default, network attack blocker system watcher I am antivirus, male antivirus, anti-spam which is also just a by default application manager and save money.

And you can always go into the tabs here to change different options which is always nice application control. You can change how it handles untrusted processes such as whether It’s going to trust digitally signed applications and load rules for applications from the Kaspersky security network. So that’s nice and you can always manage them.

Underperformance you just have some basic options. You know disabling scheduled scans while running on battery power that’s obviously geared towards laptops. I mean unless your desktop is running on battery power but I don’t see that ever happening. You know other things like preventing infections during operating system, restart performing idle scans stuff like that.

Under the scan tab, you have your security level. You can change it from high, recommended or low. It’s set at recommended by default how it handles threats and how it handles external device connections, as well as you can change scheduled scans and you have advanced settings down there.

And under your additional tab you just have some you know more options like your update settings and your threat and exclusions self-defense network stuff like that.

So pretty comprehensive in terms of a security product Kaspersky usually is. So we’re gonna run and update really quick meanwhile. It’s not too bad. It’s not the worst I’ve seen so it could be a little bit lighter but it is an internet security package so have a lot of components and features and stuff so anyways we have our malware links.

Malware links test on Kaspersky

They have a protection toolbar I’m gonna go ahead and enable it. Just because it prompted me to do. So at the start of the browser which is always nice, always like that not having to go in and do that manually. So here’s our first application from this weird random IP address but it has been blocked by Kaspersky. I like this new block page here. Tells you what the URL was, why it was blocked and what blocked it. So like the behavior of the database blocking that sort of stuff. So this is probably always gonna be the same.

Right here for the web filter at least. So that’s good it has blocked the first file. Our next file it has also been blocked and this one actually was caught by the cloud. So that’s good Kaspersky got rid of that file. Try the next one, that one has also been blocked this one again has been blocked by the database and they have a nice little alert window. just in case you know you happen to navigate to a malicious web page and you’re you know doing something else and it loads up in the background. It also alerts you which is also very nice. Our next file blah died exe totally legit, doesn’t sound like any kind of a weird file but it’s been blocked object is infected by looks like a trojan and Kaspersky blocks it. That’s good.


Let’s go to our next Mauer link that one is blocked as well. This ones caught by the cloud and is no longer accessible. Here’s our next malware link that one has also been caught by the database this time and is blocked by Kaspersky. That’s fantastic. It’s blocked every single one that we’ve tried to navigate. Our next file rector.exe totally legit something that I would definitely put on my computer but because Kaspersky doesn’t allow me to. It blocks. It so it looks like even if they don’t have it in the database on the computer, the cloud will catch. It looks like their cloud signatures are pretty good too.

Our next file from a random IP address wall to.exe sounds a totally legit you know from this weird IP address. It’s totally what you should do guys. Just you know to download any kind of weird file you find on the internet and from any random IP address. This one taking a while I don’t know if the cloud is checking up to see if that’s malicious. You know the link or whatever all these were working by the way they may have been some of them may have been taken down but they were working just a few minutes ago. This one actually loads. So let’s try this uh.

You know weird file ok. So that one has been blocked by Kaspersky the web filter didn’t catch it but it looks like the signatures did the file scanner caught it.

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