Is TunnelBear Safe In 2019? – TunnelBear Review


Is TunnelBear Safe in 2019? To know about this VPN and before take any purchased decision read our TunnelBear review 2019

TunnelBear’s VPN is a very secure VPN that doesn’t force you to compromise security and safety. It’s very very user-friendly. VPNs don’t get easier to use than this!

  • Excellent privacy policies.
  • Supremely easy-to-use
  • Mobile and desktop clients
  • Pleasing, approachable design.
  • Browser extensions, including a stand-alone ad blocker.
  • Clear and transparent privacy policy
    • Uninspiring speed test results.
    • Long distance connections can be very slow
    • Few low-level options or settings
    • Lack of geographic diversity in server locations.

So, before we are going to explain it, first you should know about the features. We will explain it though it’s Security, Speed, Settings, UI & Ability.


Tunnel Bear did change my IP address. It has the height of their DNS and the DNS leak test extended test. They use AES 256 data encryption with RSA 4096 handshake encryption. On that one product, each site is marked as Fortuna is jurisdiction.

Now, personally, I don’t believe the 14 jurisdiction matters if a VPN doesn’t keep logs because what is there a spy on if there are no logs or anything that we even give to the 49 programs. So no there does not keep logs except for bandwidth which is not an issue and it says there’s no anonymous payment on the website which is actually incorrect they do offer Bitcoin. Although it does seem like it passes these parts of that one priority site there are some genuine red flags such as no available PGP key not reaching the privacy tools IO criteria as well as no-leak protection.

So I’m spreading stuff between giving tunnel bears three and a half stars to four stars and security because its good security but four stars are the recommending marks and I don’t think I’d recommend security as a whole. So I’m going to give it three and a half stars.


The next section is your guys favorite and its speed. So I ran into a plus B test three times throughout the day once with a VPN and once without the VPN. I averaged 85 percent decrease in performance in my opinion which is actually not too bad. That’s pretty normal. I averaged 12 percent decrease in my download speeds and 7 percent decrease in my upload speed.

I would run my porn tests but they don’t allow torrent and more on that later overall speed isn’t the fastest but its consistently very strong. So I’m going to get 4 stars out of 5.

Settings and customization

As for the settings and customization, it is very simple and there’s not much to it. This is good for people. I’ve seen much more complex options and programs like IP vanish and Air VPN. If you’re someone who just needs a working VPN and this will be fine. It’s all pretty straightforward and simple and I mean if you could fiddle of setting the three small tabs that are kind of bad fun.

Overall usage

The next section is hard to explain but just overall usage. Whatever I thought so I’m just using it in general. My overall experience is actually pretty enjoyable. The bear puns made this a pretty memorable VPN. The animations and overall UI was really nice.

As a whole, it is a great VPN for a casual home user but I wouldn’t recommend it to advanced users. The experience on windows was identical to OS X. There really wasn’t anything different. There as always was not a Linux client and the setup process involves downloading at profiles and I’ve seen VPNs do a better job with the simplicity of using the profiles.

The iPhone app is nice but it loses even more settings and customization than the desktop program. However, the Android app does often more settings and iPhone apps and I overall enjoyed the android app quite a bit.

So a genuine downside of the program which is I can’t believe it right now I never even heard about this is that tunnel there does not allow torrent in. Now yes there’s the whole thing of oh its anti-piracy but lots of websites use torn thing to download their software. For example, if you want to download are you doing to torrent that’s a completely fine torn thing is not illegal.


Overall rock-solid. I have no crashes with no issues in general. There are no disconnects is none of that I mean overall the stability really good with the whole program. I have no complaints so I’m getting it five stars out of five on stability.

Is TunnelBear a good VPN to use?

It’s a virtual private network and that’s going to keep your internet surfing and different sites you visit important personal information encrypted and private. So this is TunnelBear and I got this message from DuckDuckGo yesterday literally yesterday and I looked at it and it comes with their recommendation. They said a lot of people within their office use it and I have a lot of respect for DuckDuckGo as a search engine because they don’t track you.

So they had this special where you can get 500 megabytes of bandwidth and a VPN and so I gave it a try and within the first few minutes, I was sold. I went out and bought an unlimited their grizzly version and it’s been fantastic. This is performed better than any other VPN I’ve ever used and I’ve used all of them.

And some of the free ones are lousy and then you know like some of the browsers come with them and then there’s also the ones, the ones you all know about and probably have been frustrated by. If you go to an open wi-fi hotspot and you want to use a VPN. If they’re horrible most of them and glitchy they drop out all sorts of different problems.

This does not do that I literally signed up for this unlimited bandwidth. So I could use it all the time and use it on five different devices. So, I use it on my phone I use it on my laptops, not just a laptop and also my desktop. So really a wonderful product because you get all the benefits of a VPN. So you browse privately and I can tell you really do because when I’ve said it to other countries and there are about 20 different countries that you can virtually be in your tunnel. And I can tell you that the tracking software that I have on my website doesn’t register me at all. You can’t even see me when I go to the website.

So that’s really a plus and one of the reasons that make it great. Is that they talk about a more a more open internet and its true you know have a lot of search engines and everything tracking you. And websites tracking you too and you don’t always get the internet. The way it’s supposed to be you know just a straight internet with no history, no personalization.

This you’ll get that now once you start going to a certain website and go there again and again from this virtual location. Then yes I think you will still get some they’ll still know something but not much and if you don’t do that they’re never really gonna know who you are. You’re totally virtual and so you know they know you’re just coming from like and I think the case I have here.

You’re just coming from like Ireland or something any number of European countries, Canada, the united states and you don’t have to worry about being tracked. So along with brave browser DuckDuckGo and tunnel bear. I’m able to stay virtually invisible and that’s the way I want it. I don’t want people to know everything about me.

So now on my laptops my desktop and my phone they don’t know where I’m coming from. They can’t track me and I like that and not so much that I have anything to hide. I don’t but it’s a matter of I’m getting tired of a world where too much advertising and things have come into play on the internet. And when you do take these different steps like tunnel bear as a VPN or doctor go and then brave browser you are maximizing and getting the internet.

I believe back to the kind of the way it was a long time ago when it first started out when you don’t have anybody tracking you really and it was just fair and open and easy so I’m going to tell you that tunnel bear is a wonderful VPN. I’ve not had any problems with it dropping out there’s no latency. It’s almost like it wasn’t there and I know that I’m getting 256-bit encryption on my data and some of the data that I have is important. It’s got a lot of personal information not just mine but other peoples and it’s important that I stay totally invisible.

You know nobody needs to know anything about my customers or anything like that that is not their information. So TunnelBear is just a wonderful product. I’d say you know to try the 500-megabyte beginning sample that they have and you’ll see what I’m talking about. You know no latency just easy to use. It’s on you can even launch it at startup. So you never forget to have it on and so I don’t see any problem with it and so I signed up I mean I saw it was working fantastic.

I signed up for a whole year unlimited and it’s not that much I think I paid like $59. So really reasonable and it been fantastic. You know I just give it like five stars five thumbs up. I could give it more if I could but it’s wonderful. And it’s nice to be able to know that we can have our internet anonymously. So take these different steps to go out and get TunnelBear.

You can go to TunnelBear calm and you know download that put that on your computer. Put on your phone for that matter it’s they got an app and it all links to the same account. So you can have up to five devices as I think I mentioned before.

So you can cover pretty much everything that you have and for a cheap rate for a year 59 bucks. Big deal to get that kind of privacy and that kind of, you know not being able to be tracked. It’s an easy price to pay because you’re just not going to have so many problems. So you can use tunnel bear calm as a VPN use DuckDuckGo as a search engine use the brave browser. As a browser which is what this browser is you’re not going to be tracked by anybody and you’re gonna see the internet in a new way.