How To Get Someone’s IP From Discord [Solved] – TechnoGearLab

How To Get Someone’s IP From Discord [Solved] – TechnoGearLab

If an account user allows, then you will want to know how to get someone’s IP from Discord. But without permission, you can’t get someone’s IP because it is illegal. IP addresses are considered personal data, and it is not legal to chase down someone’s IP address and use it for negative purposes.

You may need to acquire someone’s IP on Discord in many circumstances. Even so, not everyone knows how. Most people assume that because Discord maintains its servers, obtaining a person’s IP is not easy. This platform also uses TLS, ensuring that every one of its users is protected.

To get someone’s IP address from Discord, just develop a web application that keeps IP address information for people that visit it. Now you must email the URL to that website to your Discord friend. You may either save the address in a database or send it to yourself when a friend clicks the link.

In this post, we’ll explain to you how to get someone’s IP from Discord in the simplest way possible. We’ll also go through how to get someone’s IP without link through Discord IP Resolver, with Wireshark, and through Discord IP Grabber Link.

How to get someone’s IP from Discord without Link?

Another simple approach to retrieve someone’s IP from Discord is to use Discord IP Resolver. It is a modern tool that employs new technology to assist you in obtaining whatever information you want. A packet interception scan may be performed using IP Resolver technology. This technique may be used to decode, extract, or retrieve any IP address. 

Follow these steps to get an IP address from discord:

  • To obtain your user ID, join any Discord server and input @yourusername. Your User ID will subsequently be issued to you.
  • For the next stages, copy it.
  • You must first go to your Discord account and choose “Settings” before obtaining another user’s IP. 
  • After that, go to “Appearance” and click the “Developer Mode” checkbox.
  • After you’ve enabled developer mode, right-click on the user you want to copy the ID for and select “Copy ID.”
  • Paste your Discord User ID into the appropriate area on the Discord Resolver page. When you click “Resolve,” the IP address of your user will appear on the Discord IP Grabber website.

How to get someone’s IP on Discord with Wireshark?

Another effective protocol analyzer is Wireshark. You may observe what’s going on in your network right now. Since 1998, the project has been able to perform extensive VoIP and live capture analyses. You can get the IP of anyone, even Discord members, using this method.

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So, how do you get someone’s Discord IP using Wireshark? It may need some technical knowledge. You will do well as long as you are focused and follow the directions.

Before you begin using Wireshark, you must first download it on your computer.

  • Go to their website, find the Download section, and select the operating system version you want to install.
  • You may record many pages, view data packages that your computer transmits to various websites, and see what the websites send you.
  • Obtain packages from it and examine information about them, including the user’s IP address.
  • The number of packages, source, IP, device, protocol, and other information will be included in this analysis.
  • You may capture a large number of sources with the Wireshark software. If you click the relevant tabs, you may view TCP, UTP, and other protocols.
  • If Discord is currently online and you’re conversing with the individual whose IP you require.
  • Before connecting to them, ensure sure the app is turned on.
  • If you type the word “Discord” into the special box in the Wireshark window, it will display you all the processes that are now running, enabling User IP.
  • You can simply filter packages and view all of their details.
  • Attempt to find various protocols and type “Discord” into each one.
  • This will provide you information about your computer’s Discord connection.
  • You’ll need the username of the specific person to determine their IP address.
  • You can simply find their IP if you search for it in the Wireshark app.
  • Keep in mind that there may be a lot of useless information, but you will be able to see the user’s IP address on their Discord profile.

How to get someone’s IP from Discord IP Grabber Link?

IP grabbers are one of the most effective ways to get someone’s address. There are several IP capturing tools available that allow you to locate and track IP addresses. Here’s an example of how to use Grabify to obtain an IP address:

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On Discord, each user will have a link to their page. 

  • To begin collecting their IP, you must first know this URL. 
  • Grabify features a handy popup with a specific area for copying and pasting the user’s Discord address.
  • After you’ve input the Discord user’s address, click the “Create URL” button.
  • You now have a functioning address that you must provide to your user to obtain their IP address.
  • What you’ve got now is a standard URL with some parameters added to it. You obtain the user’s information when they click the link.
  • Grabify will provide you with a tracking code when you establish a URL for your user. 
  • This code is necessary since it will allow you to identify the user’s IP address later on.
  • Once you have the link, send it to your chosen user and ensure that they click it. Otherwise, you won’t obtain the IP address unless the user is interested in clicking the link.
  • You can track a user’s IP address once you have the tracking code and they have clicked your link.
  • To begin, put the tracking code into a specific area on the Grabify website. It is simple to identify on their webpage because it is towards the top.
  • Select “Tracking Code” from the menu. The website will display all of the information you obtained from Grabify on the Discord user.

This is a simple method of obtaining your selected user’s Discord. Even if you don’t have a Grabify account, you may log the IPs, country, user agent, OS, and device of every user you choose. Grabify is a simple application that provides a variety of analytic data, so check it out to see what it can do for you.


On Discord, there are many scenarios when you might need to know how to get someone’s IP from Discord. Some would tell you that it’s impossible, yet third-party apps can now make it feasible. Discord IP grabber is a free internet software to keep a close eye on. This tool may easily obtain a person’s IP address by capturing a link. You can also get an IP address through Discord IP Resolver and Wireshark. 

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