Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Review – Wireless Bass-heavy Bluetooth Speaker

Overall audio wise perfectly fine. I did tests on the iPhone 10 we did not have the audio sync unfortunately when you’re listening to this on the iPhone, Netflix, and YouTube. The voices the people’s mouths are moving differently from the audio output.

  • Powerful, full sound.
  • All black looks very unique
  • Easy control buttons
  • Passive radiator
  • Google assistance
  • Strong low end with no distortion.
  • High end isn’t particularly crisp.
  • Too bulky to be very portable.
  • No auxiliary input.


Going of the physical features this thing looks damn sleek. It looks really modern contemporary. It’s all black. You got your front fabric grill very premium built. Here is no compromising those speakers being exposed where I can practically mess up rotating to the rear. We have hard plastic on the back with a silicone rubberized textured band.

Going all the way around the speakers when you grab you do feel this a little grippy texture. I do wish it was all the way around here as well to continue that premium feel. If we don’t get that. But don’t over the buttons real quick if you’re looking at the front, you got your Bluetooth pairing button on your left, you have your JBL connect plus feature. It’s the same logo practically because they’re basically they own each other of the same company Harman Kardon JBL. But I did test this and try to pair it with my JBL pulse 3 speaker and also some other JBL speakers. Unfortunately couldn’t get them to pair together in the play in stereo mode.

Now you can use another Harman Kardon product that has the JBL or a Harman Kardon connect plus feature and have them play both at the same time or connect up to a hundred plus speakers and have nose all play at the same time if you have a bunch around you.



Now moving down here at the bottom we have audio down audio up and we do have the phone call button and on the very right, we have the on/off feature. Now rotating through the rear this speaker is about four and a half pounds. It does come with this little handle.


This speaker is meant to be more stationary to stay at home like so. But what I’m trying to say is because of the handle it does make hearing a little bit easier if you need to bring this to a friend’s house, if you need to bring it downstairs it’s not a big deal. To be honest with you it’s no different than carrying one of these around.

It does have a little bit of weight. So of course throwing this in your bag might not be ideal especially I just want to point this out to you as well. These legs that appear to be removable. I thought they were considered that has this little circular indentation here. But again this stays here to keep this speaker upright.

Passive radiator

Now looking at this here. This is a passive radiator this does flex pretty well looks really cool when you got the music going and then rotating all the way to the bottom you have a micro USB port for service. We have a three-and-a-half millimeter input for physical connections and you do have a power port here which connects to the supplied wall adapter. This is not charged by micro USB 2.0.

Battery life

Now, battery life is claimed to be up to eight hours and improvement over the Onyx 3 which only claimed up to five hours. I tested this just like all my Bluetooth speakers at 50% volume and this several times where I’m getting around six hours and 20 minutes on average not close to the eight hours. But again to the previous generations, it still does well compared to these this does like crap, to be honest with you.

Missing features

But again like I said it does come with a wall mount this is meant to be more of an at-home stationary speaker. So other than missing features I’ve noticed on here was NFC. There’s no near-field communication, no easy pairing, it’s not waterproof or water resistant is not durability or not drop resistant. We don’t have battery indicators which I implore every Bluetooth speaker to have. Every manufacturer to implement out here. There’s no voice prompts either.

Google assistance

So I don’t know when it’s in pairing mode and we do have capabilities with Siri and Google assistance which is a plus by holding down one of these buttons. But other than that that’s really about it. In regards to overall features.

Bluetooth range

Last but not least before I forget here Bluetooth 4.2 is featured on this speaker and then test this with my iPhone 10 and Samsung S eight plus and were able to get 83 linear feet of this speaker. So again 83 linear feet what’s what I got turned my testing.

Audio performance

This thing can definitely get loud for small-medium sized rooms. For large sized rooms or open areas, these handle them perfectly fine. This is equivalent to JBL Xtreme 2 or a Sony XP 40.

Bass-heavy speaker

Now one of the big reasons why you have purchased this over JBL Xtreme 2 or a Sony XP 40 is actually many of the competitors out there. Harman Kardon Onyx studio 4 beats these hands down in the bass department. This thing thumps harder, hits deeper and resonates deeper and because so I’m more immersed in my music and this head-nodding a little bit more. It is just gorgeous. I guess you can see if I can describe audio that way in regards to the bass response. This is a bass focus, bass-heavy speaker.

Now with that being said being heavily bass focus is not necessarily a bad thing if you do value that. That’s great. I’ve noticed that the bass is very clean. From my personal experience here it’s not muddy, it doesn’t model into the mid-range as well but one thing about that mid-range I need to clarify here. Compared to the competitors especially

Vocal performance

JBL Xtreme 2 and a Sony XP 40 are much more forward or bright in regards to vocal performance. And most of the instruments these are much more in the forefront. I guess you can say when you’re listening with this one it’s not necessary recess. Again it’s not muddy because of the bass. It’s just more of a neutral plight platform frequency or area. If not forward, is not bright and you won’t hear the vocals kind of stand out too much as with these but with that being said that is not a bad speaker.  It actually is still a phenomenal speaker but the reason why I’m saying that is if you do value more detail clarity in the mid-range you do prefer hearing audio vocal work these other alternatives that are a little bit less Basie but also more bass or mid-range focus these are the way to go the annex.

Again not bad I want to emphasize that but just keep in mind it’s a little bit more neutral than anything.


High notes never ear ringing never ear singing. I wish there was a little bit more detail. It went up a little bit higher, a little bit more resolution. A very high in folate cymbal crashes snares and such rock music it does good. But again you do lose that crispness on the very top here.

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