Harman Kardon Allure Review – Voice-Activated Home Speaker with Alexa

If you want a better sound quality than most of Bluetooth speaker on the market the Harman Kardon Allure would be the best choice. Before taking any decision read our real-life Harman Kardon Allure review. So, without delay let’s jump into the review.


Going over the physical features first this thing looks really good, really sleek, really modern, maybe something you’ll find in John wicks home who knows but the reason being is because it’s all black, it’s aluminum. We got this clear looking dome up top and it is hard plastic. It’s like an acrylic material that is and it’s pretty thick. I don’t foresee a cracking or breaking or so keep in mind this is not a portable Bluetooth speaker. This is meant to be stationary. There’s no built-in battery so if you guys are keeping this stationary in one room or so you don’t have a crazy kid or maybe a pet that’s in wild and crazy I think you should be perfectly fun.

But other than that again gorgeous aluminum feel all the way around, there’s perforations or little holes all the way around and it’s not just for aesthetics because there are three individual drivers all the way around the speaker to give you 360-degree audio.

The very bottom there is a system whoops this blasting audio down here and again because the speaker is slightly elevated it’s gonna give you that bass response. That’s evenly distributed for all sorts of room types.



On top, we’ll go over the physical buttons. There are volume control buttons. A first one if when we first got this for a couple of days it was a little not as intuitive as we thought it would be eventually were trying to swipe it over. So that’s pretty cool and such once what we did have a little bit of trouble, we got better at it just took a little bit of time to get used to. You can hold the bun. I found out to basically lower and increase volume.

Why are we using these physical buttons? This is a voice-activated speaker. You can see the command and have it just Alexa volume five and they’re going goes to 50%.


Going over to the side there’s your Bluetooth button. Pretty Discreet. I’m surprised they put it back here not on top or so this does have Wi-Fi. This does have Bluetooth but I get more into that pretty shortly here but other than that there are no other physical features. It’s no NFC for easy pairing with your phone via Bluetooth unfortunately and also there are no three-and-a-half millimeter ports for you to physically connect a device to have this play.

But again as I stated earlier that is Wi-Fi you have to have Wi-Fi for Alexa to work here to use those voice commands and if you for Somers they don’t want to use Wi-Fi. You don’t want to use the online services to streams like Spotify Pandora, iHeartRadio and such tune in. You can use Bluetooth that is available right off of your phone. The business that we got was perfectly fine.

Bluetooth range

We put this at the end of the office walk to the other side of the office and it’s about 4045 linear feet to the next wall and no big deals whatsoever no the only limitations. I guess you can say although this is Wi-Fi enabled. Although the Amazon speakers have multi-room capabilities you don’t have that with this one you can’t have multiple colors or multiple other elects.

Issues with Harman Kardon Allure

So devices and have them all play audio at the same time. Now the other issue that I found here was, unfortunately. If I am on my phone and you’re playing music here. So and let’s say I decide to make a phone call or I receive a phone call. Although there are built-in mics for the voice activation feature. It disconnects and my voice call goes here. Basically, you cannot use this for phone calls.

  • Now those two limitations. Harman Kardon said that those are limitations for now. There might be a firmware down the road can see it on their website this and maybe so. We’ll see what we’ll find out sooner or later.
  • Other than, that’s really about it. I do wish that there was a physical connection. And I’m saying would be nice just to tap my phone to connect other than that that’s really about it.

LED lights

The app itself is just really straightforward. Just use that you basically set up your device and connect elect. So if your Wi-Fi you can’t adjust or customize the LEDs. This is definitely not like a JBL pulse tree where you get rainbow or crap-ton of cones we can customize. It does glow this really nice, ambient kind of like this grayish tone, the white tone which looks really cool. I really like it and that’s really it about the LEDs.

Voice activating speakers

Now regarding Amazon’s performance with voice activating speakers sometimes it has trouble picking up your voice not with us completely off obviously and having it in the back of the room. You can walk in any distance talking a mostly relatively normal voice and the allure is still able to pick up your voice in your voice commands.

Now with the even my Amazon echo that’s in my office usually at 70 percent volume. I usually cannot activate the voice activation fee. I can’t say elec. so you know turned down or turn off or next song and such which is very unfortunate with this one I’ve noticed 70 percent volume. I’m able to stand pretty far back about 15 feet 20 feet back and speaking a slightly elevated voice to an elevated voice and still activate with that I’m yelling like crazy and I can’t basically turn it off or stop the music or skip to the next track.

  • So that’s one benefit with the allured here the voice the before wave far-field microphones are what they call it does work really well.
  • Second, I don’t know if this is a Bluetooth thing or an Alexa thing here but when I’m playing music especially via Bluetooth on my phone and I say Alexa skip to the next song it, unfortunately, doesn’t. So that’s something to be aware of as well.

Of course, you can do that over Wi-Fi, you can do that with like Amazon music and the other programs or services that you might subscribe to you. But over Bluetooth you do yeah you do encounter that limitation.

Audio quality

So the audio Almont it sounds pretty darn good. Comparing I know there’s not apples to apples but I did have my Sony XBA-40, I know got it somewhere around here. I didn’t use this so I don’t wanna say do a head-to-head comparison but just more as a reference on seeing the word of the stands and also my JBL extreme Bose sound both sounds like revolt plus. This sounds a little bit better than all these other Bluetooth speakers.

It does offer a little bit more bass or cleaner basement is even compared to the extreme or the XP 40 this does get loud at 70% volume able to fill up a large room. And we do have a large open area here it does lose a little bit of detail once it gets up to that maximum level but other than that most people will most likely be blasting this probably at 7%. But I’m pretty sure confident about that it also does sound a little more brighter or airier a little bit more forward and open.


Overall very clean sound, very detailed sound, highs never ever singing, never ever ear ringing, minimal listening fatigue. Overall love the audio signature for the price, it is comparable. Again I’m just comparing two Bluetooth speakers again using it as a reference that is sounded great.

The only problem here regarding audio that I’ve encountered is if you’re watching movies on this for some reason it was out of sync for me. I tested this on my Samsung s A+ and just simply just plain Netflix really ever have this issue but the lips were moving and flapping and then the audio was coming either ahead or beforehand either where it just wasn’t synced.

  • Amazon Alexa on board
  • Built-in light
  • Powerful sound
  • Design splits opinion