ExpressVPN Vs IPVanish 2018 – Which One is the Best VPN Service?


Comparing ExpressVPN Vs IPVanish on customer service, pricing, payment, privacy, speed, IP locations, platform supported and DNS leak test. So without further ado let’s move over to customer service

Customer service

So in customer service, ExpressVPN has a distinct advantage. They offer real-time chat options and have people ready enabled to answer questions 24/7. In my mind this is industry-leading. ExpressVPN really hits the ball out of the park here.

IP vanish has decent customer service and they provided good answers for all of their any questions that I had but it took them quite a bit longer than ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN I was able to log in and go to their chat option, received an answer immediately whereas IPVanish, I had to go into a forum and then I had to email them and they got back to me within 2 or 3 hours.

So with that being all with all of that being said, ExpressVPN here has the distinct advantage over IPVanish.


So moving from customer service over into pricing. We can take a look at the different pricing options Express VPN offers a one-month pricing. So you pay month the month six-month pricing option. So you pay in advance for six months or 12 a yearly payment option where you pay in advance as well.

IP vanish offers some similar ones one month. So you’re paying a monthly fee for three months. So a little bit more frequent and then a one-year annual subscription. So we found that IP vanish is 29.5 percent cheaper on a monthly basis versus ExpressVPN. We took a look at the three months and we just multiplied it by two to get to six months and we found that they’re about 11% cheaper than what ExpressVPN is.  And then when we took a look at the annual rating we found there about 25 percent cheaper.

So overall IPVanish is cheaper than all of them. Now another thing that IPVanish is going for it is you can enter in coupon codes. It has a few different coupon codes reduces the cost even further. They’ve got different payment options at 20% 25% and 30% off. So all of those are available. So this definitely pricing definitely gives IPVanish the upper edge and the upper hand in this section.

Payment options

So here were taking a look at the different payment options that ExpressVPNn and IPVanish offer. There’s not a big difference between them. The only major difference is the amount of time that you have to test-drive their services out.

ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee whereas IPVanish offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. They both accept all major credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and a few other ones after that including like the diners card or other other smaller cards. They both accept PayPal, they both accept bitcoin for those who want more anonymity and they have some other smaller payment options that are available.

So with all that being said, there’s not a lot of difference between here and this one comes out to basically being a draw.


So take a look at our next category which is privacy. Well, take a look at the number of server locations that Express VPN and IP vanish have a number of countries that they broadcast from the protocols that they’re using and then their encryption standards. So their encryption they both are using 256 bit AES encryption so that comes out as being a wash.

IP vanish offers over 700 servers of server locations and in 60 different countries or as Express VPN offers 136 server locations in 87 countries. So an advantage to IP vanish goes to them with more server locations but there they have less unique countries that they’re broadcasting from compared to express VPN.

So both of them are using the same protocols so using PPTP open VPN l2tp IPSCE. Express VPN offers one additional protocol that they use with SSTP. So with this, we give a slight advantage to ExpressVPN because they have the additional VPN protocol as well as having more unique countries that they’re broadcasting from. And IP vanish comes real close but because they’ve got so many other server locations you can go that you can choose from.

Speed test

So when I ran these tests I did it before each of the services was launched and then after the services were launched. We were looking to see how much of a drag was caused by engaging the different VPN services. So ExpressVPN before it was launched at an average of six point three six point eight three megabits per second for a download speed and an upload speed of zero point eight nine megabits per second.

After it was run they had five point two eight megabits per second and an upload speed of zero point seven two megabits per second.

IPVanish had an upload speed of one point one three and the download speed of six point six eight before their service was launched. And then after it was launched they had a reduction to six point two eight megabits per second and an upload speed of one point one zero megabits per second.

So the advantage here goes to IPVanish. There is a whole megabit per second faster on their download speeds after the service had been launched and then their upload speeds as well were a bit a bit faster about half a megabit per second.

IPVanishes service doesn’t cause as much of a drag whereas express VPNs does cause more of a drag on it. Just for a point of reference, my regular internet speed is 6.0 megabits per second. So just use that as a baseline comparison.

IP locations

So next we took a look at IP locations. This was to verify and validate that the servers that we had selected at different points across the world were actually broadcasting where we had selected from both Express VPN and IP vanish hid your original IP but had some servers in different locations where that were broadcasting saying we were broadcasting from 1:1 swap or they’re actually giving a different location as their output. So with IPVanish when we were in Seoul Korea, it showed us as having multiple different server locations across some inKoreaa some in the united states. And things like not ExpressVPN was more.

So when was in the states they took a look at when they were in California when I selected the server from California four instances showed that it was in California but it was also broadcasting from some other locations as well. So they did both hide your original IP addresses but they weren’t necessarily broadcasting from where they said that they were broadcasting in a couple of cases.

Most of the sites worked out just 100% fine and there is no issue with this but there was a couple of different servers in different locations where this caused some issues.

Supported devices

So in our second to last category here. We wanted to take a look at which devices both the VPN services supported. So, for the most part, they both support all of the same sources. So you can use it for your one for windows, for Android, for mac, for ios, for your iPhone, for your iPad, for Linux, for different routers and stuff like that.

So there are no real differences platforms are supported that being said Express VPN offered VPN service for blackberry which I didn’t even know was still a thing and IPVanish offered one for Chromebook.

So other than those two minor differences they’re offering support and VPN services for all of the major platforms whether you’re on your cell phone or whether you’re using your pc or laptop, you can you can use both of their VPN services. So there’s no real difference between the two services here.

DNS Leak test

So here’s the last metric that was going to look at were going to take a look at the DNS leak test that we did for the two services we use three different websites,,

Before I turned on the services, We took a look and see if we’re having a DNS leak and then after the services were engaged. Well, take a look at how many if there was a leak and how many service servers were detected.

So both Express VPN knife he vanished showed similar results before the service was turned on which makes sense because we haven’t engaged either VPN service. So we were showing leaks and we saw anywhere from two to four servers being detected on the two of them. Now after Express VPN was turned on, the three websites two of them showed no DNS leak and only one server being detected and the third one showed a DNS leak with two servers being detected.

So go over and take a look at IPVanish here. No DNS leak found on any of the three websites. There’s only one server found on each of them should be noted that when I was using DNS leak for IP vanish that it said that there was a leak but when I looked at the look at the data I could only find that there was one server being detected.

So there’s a slight caveat there when I was using this as a caveat just to make you aware but give this one the advantage IPVanish VPN okay.

So we’ve come back to our to our charge which sums up all of the results here. Just do a quick summation. Express VPN wins out on in the customer service and privacy. Once a customer service was definitely a strong point of ExpressVPN.

IPVanish wins out on pricing speed and DNS leaks. There they’ve got lower prices then Express VPN. Sometimes as much as almost 30 percent.

There’d aren’t providing quite as much of a dragon there but there are b test and their DNS leaks they weren’t showing any DNS leaks at all. Where there’s no real difference within the payment options that were available. The IP location of the platform support. With all this information that we have here well gone ahead and say that IP vanish would be the recommended choice out of these two.

That being said Express VPN still offers fantastic service and there’s nothing fundamentally that’s wrong with their service. Just that IP vanish has a slightly better recommendation about varying slightly better in this comparison test.

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