10 Best Laptop For Programming 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

You are learning to programme or maybe you are a programmer and you are working on a project and now you want to buy a new laptop. Specifically, if you want to buy a laptop which one to buy?

There are tons of option available on market and of course, you don’t want to west your time, money and energy on a shabby one.


Here we come with expert thought and you will be completely familiar with what types of laptop you need. So, without further ado lets jump into this.

A Programmers don’t need much hardware capacity.

So what is important for a coder?

A programmers main and mostly preferred thing is

  1. High-resolution displays for better views and
  2. Considerable SSDs for super fast load times ex: Samsung SM 951

Maybe you are thinking about preferred sockets, But Programmers, in general, doesn’t need much of these systems. If you are working on a massive project and deals with a massive amount of data, only then you need X79/X99 based systems Sockets LGA 2011 / 2011-3. But if you are an avg. programmer or an IT manager Socket LGA 1150 / 1151 is fine for you.

What types of chips should a Programmer use?
AMD solutions are viable than Intel chips. If you have a tight budgets AMD is Preferred but if budgets are not any issues then you can use Intel.
What types of RAM should a Programmer use?
You may be thinking a high-performance RAM can boost your performance but it is wrong. RAM is not a priority for most programmers and again you should have a question “why most programmers have a high RAM if it doesn’t help in there work?” The simple answer is most programmers are gamer!

Types of Programs

There are 2 types of Programs or Coding exist.

  • Application programs: Application programs are the types of program that solve people problem and
  • Systems Programs: Systems Programs are such kinds of program that keep the hardware and software running together smoothly.

So, the main difference between Application programs and Systems Programs is fuzzy.

Application programs

  • Word processors
  • Game programs
  • Database systems
  • Web browsers
  • Spreadsheets
  • Graphics programs

Systems Programs

  • Operating system
  • Networking system
  • Website server
  • Programming language software
  • Data backup

Best Laptop For Programming 2018

LaptopProcessorRAMGraphics CardScreenStoragePrice
Lenovo Legion Y720Intel Core i7 2.8GHz16GBNVIDIA GeForce GTX 106015.6"256GB
ASUS VivoBook F510UAIntel Core i5-8250U8GBNVIDIA GeForce GTX 105015.6"1TB
Apple MacBook Pro2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i716GBIntel HD Graphics 53015"512GB
Dell XPS 138th Gen Intel Core i78 GBIntel UHD Graphics 62013.3''256 GB
Microsoft Surface Pro8th Gen. Intel Core i716 GB/8 GBIntel Iris and HD graphics13.5"/15"512 GB/ 1 TB
Microsoft Surface Book 28th Gen. Intel Quad Core i78 GB/16 GBNIVIDIA GeForce and Intel Graphics15"/13"512 GB/256 GB/1 TB
Apple MacBook Air 131.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i58GBIntel HD Graphics 6000 13.3"256GB
Asus VivoBook Pro8th Gen. Intel Core i7 1.8 GHz32 GBIntel UHD Graphics 62015.6”128GB
Dell I7577-5241BLK7th Gen. Intel Core i5 3.5 GHz8 GBNVIDIA GeForce GTX 106015.6"128 GB
Acer Swift 36th Gen. Intel Core i5 2.3GHz8GBIntel HD Graphics 52014"256GB

Lenovo Legion Y720 – Ideal For Python Developers

Lenovo-Legion-Y720One of the cheapest laptops you can get with a GTX 1060. The build quality is really good. The paneling is strong all over. It’s got aluminum on the outside. The keyboard deck is plastic but it’s very rigid all the surfaces feel oddly strong for the price point.

The hinge uses a design where they’re closer together and I normally don’t like this but they’ve built it very well this year.

It feels very durable. The port selection is better than most gaming laptops at this price point lots of use B ports a couple of display outs, a Thunderbolt 3  port, and an Ethernet jack.

The only thing that I would say it’s missing is an SD card slot. And if you’re curious the Thunderbolt 3 port is actually full four-lane PCIe. Not two lanes like some other laptops which are nice.

The internals is access really easily. There are just some screws on the bottom. The RAM has a cover of some sort but removes that and you can replace the RAM. And you also have access to both drives as well. There’s a two and a half inch SATA and an m2 SSD.

The battery is a bit of a weird shape. It’s giant L and it’s a 60 watt-hour battery and I’m getting around four hours of battery life using the 4k screen.

The speakers on this laptop are pretty good. There is a pair of speakers up top to complement that sub. These get really loud. They sound clean at regular volumes and the bass is present but the moment you crank it up to even like 60 to 70 percent volume the distortion is pretty severe.

  • Processor – 7th Gen Intel i7-7700HQ  & 7th Gen Intel i5-7300HQ
  • Operating System – Windows 10
  • Graphics – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB GDDR5 with PCIe
  • Memory – Up to 16 GB DDR4; 2 x SODIMM Slots
  • Storage  – 512 GB PCIe SSD or 1 TB / 2 TB SATA HDD
  • Audio – 2 x 2W JBL Speakers and 3W Subwoofer Dolby Atmos
  • Battery Life – Up to 5-hr & 60 WHr Li-Polymer Battery
  • Display  – 15.6″ FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS or 15.6″ UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS Anti-Glare
  • Weight – 7.05 lbs (3.2 kg)
  • Color – Black
  • WLAN & Bluetooth – Up to 2 x 2 WiFi 802.11 ac + Bluetooth 4.1 Combo
  • LAN – 10/100/1000M Gigabit Ethernet
  • Ports – 3 x USB 3.0, 1 x HDMI, Thunderbolt (USB Type-C), Audio Jack, Microphone Jack, RJ45 LAN, DisplayPort

The keyboard has a good layout. The arrow keys are under the number pad. So it makes it very roomy but it might be weird for people who frequently use a normal number pad. the keystrokes are a little shallow and I feel like it could be a bit more responsive.

On the Whole, it is a decent keyboard overall and it has RGB back letting.

It slips into zones and not individual keys but at this pricePoint, you’re normally stuck with red backlighting. So this is a nice touch the trackpad is an e line track and it’s okay it’s not ideal.

A lot of trackpads on laptops never even get used most people just plug up mice for playing and stuff but I still the webcam looks ok. It’s a 720p cam nothing special performance on this laptop is solid. It’s excellent for 1080p gaming.

It’ll handle lights and Midway titles easily you’ll be way above 60 frames per second on just about any modern triple-a shooter some open-world games can get a bit more demanding.

The keyboard has zoned RGB backlighting shallow stroke in the keys but it’s comfortable to type on the trackpad uses eland drivers and there are some occasional tracking issues inside the GTX 1060 and the kb lake CPU options are awesome for 1080p gaming.

And are well cooled without the fan getting too loud, the RAM and both drives are easily upgraded if you want and the battery comes in at 60 watt-hours with okay battery.

  • Awesome speakers
  • Xbox wireless controller adapter built in
  • Decent battery life
  • Powerful processors
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10-Series graphics
  • Delivers breathtaking, moving audio
  • Adjust keyboard lighting
  • Integrated Xbox One, Wireless Controller Support
  • Improved thermal design
  • All-metal cover
  • Data speeds of up to 40Gbps
  • Dim display
  • Mixed productivity performance
  • Slow SSD & Outer shell attracts fingerprints easily

ASUS VivoBook F510UA – Best Budget Laptop for Programming


This is the aces of people booked at 5:10 you an, in my opinion, the best budget laptop in the market. For 500 dollars you get Intel’s latest and greatest clarified a generation processor and etched at 1080p IPS panel USB C port and even a fingerprint scanner. It is really hard to grasp.

Now you can buy almost three of these laptops for the same price as my slightly more powerful MacBook Pro but you guys are probably wondering what is a catch.

And the only thing I could find is a 5400 rpm hard drive which we know is replacing and probably the build quality.

This is one beautiful design laptop, in my opinion, I’m a huge fan of the brushed aluminum look with a touch of outer casing you get on the back of this laptop since this is mostly composed out of plastic.

It allows it to be really light weighing only at about 3.7 pounds which is impressive for a laptop of the size. Almost in the Ultrabook game opening up the laptop.

You presented with a 1080p IPS display with a matte finish in really tiny bezel giving it an 80% screen to body ratio which is rare to see out of the laptop at this price tag since this is an IPS panel view angles are wonderful.

  • Processor – 1.6 GHz Intel i5
  • Operating System – Windows 10
  • Graphics Coprocessor – Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Computer Memory Type – DDR3 SDRAM
  • Hard Drive – 1000 GB Mechanical
  • RAM – 8 GB DDR4
  • Screen Size – 15.6 inches
  • Max Screen Resolution – 1920×1080 pixels
  • Batteries – 1 Lithium ion batteries
  • Average Battery Life – 5 hr
  • Wireless Type – 802.11.ac
  • Number of USB 2.0 Ports – 2
  • Number of USB 3.0 Ports -1
  • Average Battery Life – 5 hr
  • Color – Star Gray

Also, this displays considerably sharp and actually pretty color accurate I just wish it was a little bit brighter above.

The displays webcam is quite a disappointment below the display is a chiclet-style keyboard. It’s not anything special but, it has decent travel and my typing experience is actually pretty good with it as for the trackpad coming from a MacBook this is actually okay.

Considering the price tag on the top right corner you’ll find a fingerprint scanner which I’m still surprised that they were able to include this and it actually works really well with Window, hello and I haven’t had really any issues with.

On the right side of the computer, you’ll find a charging port and speak of charging I like the charging cable that they included with this because like my MacBook the brick is built into the wall plug. Moving on there’s a USB 3.0 port HDMI port USB 3.1 port which is really great to see on here.

And lastly is a headphone jack on the left side of the laptop you find two USB 2.0 ports I wish your 3.0 but I can see that factors into the price tag and an SD card reader.

This laptop offers plenty of ports for you video editors and anybody else in the creative industry specs are not everything but I’m really impressed with what this laptop has to offer.

It’s rich in Intel’s latest dual-core i5 processor 8 gigs of DDR 4 mm which is upgradeable up to 32 gigs of ram and sadly one terabyte 5400 rpm hard drive. If you plan on picking up this laptop.

I highly recommend that you replace that 5400 rpm hard drive with an SSD. Why you ask first off because of drastic improve do times this laptop takes a couple minutes to boot up but an SSD can turn that into seconds.

It improves how fast programs open up on the computer but Dobby premier takes forever to boot up on this computer about like two-three minutes.

It’s kind of ridiculous but in essence, they can turn that into seconds. As well and lastly if you’re a photo or video editor exporting times will be much better like probably ten times faster it takes forever to export while I’m with the 5400 rpm drive.

  • Crisp and Bright Display
  • Good storage option
  • Precise audio encoding & decoding
  • Thinner and lighter
  • NanoEdge display
  • Dual-storage design
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • 3x longer lifespan
  • Ultra-smooth visuals and great gaming experiences
  • Ergonomic and comfortable typing experiences.
  • No SSD
  • Feeble Audio Output

Apple MacBook Pro with touch bar – The most powerful MacBook ever made

Apple-Macbook-Pro- with-touch-bar

Apple has updated all of its MacBook Pros with cable eight CPUs and new graphics. We’re going to take a look at a fully spec to doubt 15-inch MacBook Pro with the touch bar and touch ID. So if you’re not familiar with a touch bar basically it’s an old LED strip that replaces the function keys from the standard Apple keyboard so as always the 15-inch MacBook Pro is quite expensive this time it starts off at 23 99 but that gets you a quad-core Core i7 along with Radeon Pro dedicated graphics.

Now, of course, I went up a notch here and went with the 2.9 gigahertz Core i7 along with the Radeon Pro 460 which gives me 4 gigs of ram for the GPU you’re also stuck to 16 gigs of ram but it is faster Ram at 21 33 megahertz. Of course, we get even faster PCIe based SSD storage.

A new power adapter also included and this is a USBC device which means we don’t have mac safe anymore. So the Daftar itself has a USB C port it’s no longer tied to the MagSafe cable. So if you break the cable you don’t necessarily break the power adapter so you can buy them separately of course. The wall adapter is once again removable. so you can extend this with an extension cable or use an international wall adapter.

Now personally I’ve never been a big fan of the MagSafe connector just because it’s very proprietary. So that means you have to replace it with an apple accessory. The other problem is it just disconnected way too easily. When you connect the USBC cable it does make a tone to let you know it’s charging.

So just like the 13 inches, the 15 inch is also thinner and lighter than the previous generation, in fact, it’s a full 1/2 pound lighter which now measures at 4 pounds which makes it a lot more portable. Although it’s still a pretty large laptop. The overall footprint is now much smaller and more compact than before.

We have a resolution of 2080 by 1800 over 15.4 inches that’s good for 220 pixels per inch. Although these are the same specs as the previous panel it is 67% brighter and the display now supports B cinema p3 standard for a wider color gamut. So colors are much more vibrant and with that brighter display we have deeper contrast which gives you a lot more depth to the screen and generally speaking it looks a lot more vivid it definitely makes an impact.

If you’re an existing 15-inch MacBook Pro user is the fact that the new MacBook Pro has smaller text and smaller icons. Basically, everything has been scaled down so you have more screen real estate but they’ve changed the default scale for the 15-inch MacBook Pro and you can change this if you want to go back to something. We still have a very glossy display they have improved the anti-reflective characteristics just like on a 13-inch.

So when it comes to the keyboard this is the same one. That’s also on the 13-inch it’s also the same size which means you have all the space around it. So we have these large speaker grilles on either side and of course, we have that gigantic trackpad just below it.

You’re much more confident when striking the keys with this keyboard because the keys are much more solid. there’s a lot less mechanical action taking up your time so you can fly across this keyboard. So if you’re a fast typer or programmer you’re going to love this one.

This keyboard also has much better lighting than the previous model each key gets its own LED lights. So there’s much less light leaking and the keys themselves are much brighter than the previous model and incidentally with that OLED touch bar toward the top because it’s OLED. It actually matches pretty well with the keys.

Ventilation has been minimized although you’ll find ventilation hidden within the hinge of the MacBook Pro which is now much smaller than the previous model. Unlike the baseline 13-inch MacBook Pro we also get ventilation on the sides which are especially important for a high powered computer with a core i7 processor and dedicated graphics. This is somewhat similar to the ventilation on the previous MacBook Pros but it’s a bit longer than the previous model and the built-in fans are designed to be much quieter than previously.

Of course the big story with the MacBook Pro this year is the i/o we’ve gone with all USB type-c connectors and on the 15-inch MacBook Pro. All four of them are full 40 gigs per second Thunderbolt 3 ports as well which means the very high-speed pours. They can power 5k displays heist be data transfers and if you have the right adapter you can use any devices on this from HDMI DisplayPort SD or USB type connectors but that’s the thing there’s no way of getting around. The fact that you’re going to need some adapters to use this computer because not everything is using the USB type-c connector.

A 720p FaceTime HD camera with an LED indicator and an ambient light sensor speaker quality has also been improved slightly. It’s not quite as dramatic as we saw with the updated 13-inch MacBook Pro but it definitely sounds a bit louder the wider range.

Now the big news with this generation really is the touch bar which is an old LED strip at the top of the keyboard replacing the function keys. Now the function keys are still here. now the touch bar itself is OLED so it only lights the pixels that are needed. So it does blend pretty seamlessly with the keys themselves. it’s a very nice looking design the touch bar has sort of a matte texture which matches the keys. It’s also very anti-reflective.

Now to the far right, we get our touch ID sensor which does have a sapphire crystal lens on top of it. This is a touch ID two sensor. So it’s very fast and it works the same as it does on an iPhone so just like on an iPhone this is used to unlock your MacBook and it happens very fast. This is also a physical button so you use this to power on the MacBook or power laughs. It doesn’t put it to sleep or act as a home button like it would on an iOS device.

Now the function keys are still retained in the touch bar they’ve just been collapsed off to the right side and can be expanded out as needed. so the touch bar is definitely something that will change and evolve over time but right now the touch bar has a combination of the function keys we’re familiar with and contextually aware software features which adds an extra layer of the user interface to the app. so this constantly changes depending on the app.

Now if you don’t like any of these features and want to go back to the traditional function row you can do this under settings.

A lot of people have some concerns about the Escape key and there is this extra space off to the left side. The Escape key disappears depending on what app you’re looking at but there’s always an X icon there. So if you need to activate the Escape key you’ll just hit the X icon which closes out that feature and brings you back to the Escape key.

Apple is primarily focusing on the graphics performance. You should see about 130 percent improvement over the previous model. So that’s definitely where the strength of this laptop is. We also get much faster SSDs well above 2000 on the read speed and near 2000 on the write speed. That’s a significant improvement over the previous model. We go from 99.5 watt-hours to 76 but Apple says it should deliver an average of 10 hours which is an hour better than the previous model. Ultimately there’s a lot to like about the new 15-inch MacBook Pro. It’s got a great design that’s much more compact than before which makes fifteen inches a lot more manageable than it used to be. We have this fantastic new display and we have that massive trackpad which is very clever and the touch bar definitely adds a new layer to the interface which is genuinely useful.

  • Stunning Retina display
  • Sleek design
  • Excellent battery life
  • Above-average graphics performance
  • Very shallow key travel

Dell XPS 13 – Powerfull & Impressive Performance


The new Dell XPS 13 now the new model doesn’t look hugely different from the prior version at first glance but Dell has made a number of tweaks and refinements some of them are good some of them are bad.  That freshen up the appearance and functionality of the laptop.

The most impressive thing about the old XPS 13 was how small the border around the display was and the new models even tinier making it the smallest 13-inch laptop you can buy. It’s also slightly lighter which is a good thing because the last model was considerably heavier than many of its more modern competitors and it’s also slightly thinner. It comes in two colors standard black and silver version or this very pretty rose gold and white model that I have here and despite the smaller profile. The new model is not a crippled machine like last year’s two-in-one version was as full power 8th generation Intel Core processor up to 16 gigabytes of RAM and plenty of power for most any productivity task you do.

Now you can’t game on it but it does support Thunderbolt 3 so you can plug in an external GPU and game that way. If you want the new display is really a stunner, it comes in either a 1080p non-touch version or a fork a touchscreen option and thanks to those even smaller bezels it really pops. It’s bright colorful and just plain great to look at now I’d much prefer if it was a three by two aspect ratio instead of this sixteen by nine and it’s disappointing. The only touchscreen option is on the 4k panel which pushes the price of the XPS 13 up to over 1600 bucks but otherwise, it’s a really nice display.

Dells also kept some other niceties like this battery gauge on this left side lets you check the status of the battery without having to open the laptop. The keyboard is also slightly less mushy with great travel and the trackpad is fast and smooth too.

So what’s not so great about this well for starters the webcam is still awful. Now don’t move it from the lower left corner of the display to the center and added Windows hello IR our login features but it still is an awful unflattering up the nose viewing angle and it still gets blocked by my fingers if I’m typing. While on a conference call it’s really kind of frustrating that Dell hasn’t figured out a better way to do this. by now the other big issue is the port selection on the XPS 13 and now comes with three USB seaports two of them are Thunderbolt 3 and then it’s also got a headphone jack and a micro SD card slot.

Now I love that I can charge the laptop by at any of the USB C ports but it’s still frustrating that there isn’t a single USB a port for all of those accessories that are still required that means yes. You’ll be living the dongle life and at least Dell is kind enough to throw in an adapter in the box for you.

It’s also kind of a bummer that the full-size SD card slot has been traded for that far less useful micro SD slot. It’s either give me a full sized slot or don’t even bother the micro SD port is kind of a crummy compromise. I’ve been averaging just 6 hours of use between charges with a fork a touchscreen version that’s a bit less than a full workday and it’s lower than I’d really like from this level of the computer.

  • Centered IR webcam
  • Gorgeous new design
  • 4K display
  • Steeper starting price

Microsoft Surface Pro  –  A great hybrid for programming


The Surface Pro’s 5 is the best choice for programmers and everything they’ve ever wanted from Microsoft Surface line it fixes. Its Microsoft ii incremental upgrades since the Pro 4. The Surface Pro 5 doesn’t look any different from the previous models. Through Microsoft has changed a lot under the hood.  The slim metallic body is still heavily popular and attractive. Microsoft has also rounded out its edges a bit.

So it’s more comfortable to hold and use on a flat surface. There’s also the iconic surface kickstand which can now be lowered even further to 165 degrees.  Microsoft called studio mode much like the surface studio’s lowest position. It’s an ideal orientation for digital artists to drive and it feels even better than the surface fourth-lowest point. If you haven’t used the service before its kickstand might take some getting used to. It’s easy enough to use on a flat surface but it’s trickier on your lap especially if you’re resting it against your bare leg.

12-point three-inch display with a sharp 267 pixels per inch text photos and video all upgrade colors are bold and bright after to withstand direct sunlight. It’s the recipe to aspect ratio we’ll leave black bars at the top and bottom widescreen videos through the surface pro Paxton intel seventh-generation CPUs which in addition to being faster than the last model.

Also adds new features like hardware 4k decoding another plus the mid-range Core i5 model is also families. Now like the entry-level core m3 variant making it slightly lighter and much lighter that’s a pretty big deal. Since that core i5 tip is a full-fledged dual-core CPU not an underpowered processor like some other famous design. Although ports are not much has changed. There’s only a single USB 3.0 jack, a mini DisplayPort, a microSD card slot, a headphone jack and the power connection.

It’s disappointing to see Microsoft’s skip on USB C which would make its machines more versatile and easier to charge while the surface pro is technically a tablet on its own. The Surface Pro’s 5 can be transformed into full laptop experience with the keyboard accessory. The new clock-like alcântara keyboard feels slightly improved.

The new Pen features 4096 levels of pressure double the previous version. the surface pro feels on par with most other ultra-portables including the surface laptop. You can sell any Windows application and they’ll run just fine it kept up with my daily workflow but given that rolling and integrated graphics. You don’t expect to play any heavy-duty games and while the service pros a bit heavier than a typical tablet at around 1.7 pounds.

It showes the biggest improvement here is in battery life. While the pro 4 lasted for 7 hours and 15 minutes the surface pro 5 kept going for 13 hours and 40 minutes.  Unbeliaveable! Now it’s in the class of notebooks like the MacBook Air.  It is highly poartable and you can take anywhere without worrying about a charger.

  • Hugely improved battery life
  • Much better Surface Pen Comfier
  • Punchier Type Cover
  • Only Core i7 can challenge A10X

Microsoft Surface Book 2  – The most powerful 2-in-1 laptop in the world


The original surface book from Microsoft was pretty awesome but arguably a little thick and a little underpowered. But the surface book 2 would pair its quad-core processor with a beefy GTX 1060 graphics card but how could it do that given its.

The build quality of the surface book – meets expectations which are to say that like the rest of its family. It is spectacular the magnesium body has this soft texture to it and no matter where you touch it feels solid and well crafted. It’s even got a decent helping of IO with finally a type C port this is a first surface product but it’s also not all good while you can use it to charge the device. If you forget your magnetic charger and if you have a powerful enough wallboard its regular USB, not Thunderbolt 3 which means no external graphics or premium docks unless Microsoft were to start selling an upgraded keyboard bottom with like a better GPU inside it. And the surface book 2 is pretty heavy and unwieldy.

An Intel Core i7 8650 you 16 gigs of ram and a GTX 1050 in the 13 inch model or GTX 1060 in the 15 inch the surface book 2 is going to be great for productivity but also even for proper photo or even video editing plus real triple-a games at full details that is assuming everything stays nice and cool which is mostly the case.

The surface book 2 15 inches as we mentioned before surprisingly well equipped compared to other notebooks that aren’t explicitly designed for gaming. So if you want to run older titles you can do it at native res or if you drop down to 1080p it can handle. Just about anything with the 13 and a half inch model also performing respectively with all of that said if you’re just gaming you could get the same power in an Acer Helios 300 for a third of the price you get a surface book 2 for the productivity. That is where it excels pardon the pun.

The Surface book 2 absolutely nails the keyboard feel compared to any other laptop we’ve tried it’s as good or better with a nice travel distance. Soft yet tactile keystrokes and a nice soft comfortable surface coating. since people will ask yes it’s a lot better than the MacBook Pro. Well at least as far as the keyboard is concerned.

The touchpad is a different story. Apple’s large gesture friendly touch surface still stands above anything available in the PC space though that’s not to say that the one here is bad. And I guess if you’re really focused on comparing size the 15-inch display offers plenty of real estate to get your touch on. As you’d expect the surface book 2 is right up there with the best touch experiences on the market. So if you’ll be using the stylus for notes or drawing. You can’t really do better while maintaining a full fat x86 operating system and the screen isn’t just good for touching. It’s also fantastic to look at with Microsoft individual factory calibration making sure that every color hits your eyeballs just right.

Furthermore, as we’ve said about every surface product the three by two aspect ratio coupled with the higher resolution is noticeably better for productivity than sixteen by nine 1080p and you’ll be able to be productive for a really long time.

Over nine and a half our score on our work battery test, this is among the best results that we’ve seen to date. Its webcam is better than other laptops which are to say that it’s still as good as in 2018. With Windows hello facial recognition and some pretty good speakers given its size so overall good maybe even great but as always there’s a catch, it got a 1 out of 10 for repairability.

If you compare that to another premium product like the MacBook Pro well I’d say as long as you can live without Mac OS the surface book tube comes away from the clear winner. thanks to its superior versatility.

  • Crazy long battery life
  • Massively powerful
  • Lightweight yet large tablet
  • Excellent cooling
  • Small trackpad

Apple MacBook Air 13 –  A brilliant portable laptop for programming


The exterior design consists of aluminum that feels very sturdy. This laptop is very well built on the top we have the aluminum construction and the glowing Apple logo on the bottom we have the four rubber sheet aluminum backplate and the screws holding it up. On the right, we have a Thunderbolt 2 ports, a USB 3.0 port and a full size of C card slot. On the left, there is a max if connector 1 USB 3.0 port and an audio jack the hinge is very well constructed allowing you to live a lid with just one finger. Very impressive for a device with light those laptops teaches 1440 by 900 resolution display.

It’s definitely nothing impressive against decently bright but it is just not very sharp it’s definitely noticeable when compared to even the 13-inch MacBook Pro the resolution on this laptop is pretty low. The keyboard is really good and has a good amount of travel which allowed me to get up to speed very quickly for students and programmers. This keyboard will serve you very well because of how good it is for burst typing.

The trackpad is another feature that works very well and to click that so it doesn’t have the same haptic feedback. Like the newer Mac bucks but it’s very smooth and precise very important aspects for a good trackpad. The webcam is fine coming out 720p. It will do for video chatting and simple stuff like that those speakers did surprise me for something so light this laptop packs in a decent amount of bass and get a lot enough for personal use.

This laptop features an Intel Core i5 5250 you with 1.6 gigahertz Intel HD graphics. Six thousand eight gigabytes of ddr3 RAM and 128 gigs of SSD storage. This is the base model the 50 to 50 you are underclocking of this way for the sake of efficiency. The website states you can get up to 12 hours of battery life I averaged around 10 hours.

This laptop will be able to handle Photoshop work just fine animations and movements are smooth enough and it can handle many edits think CD 8 gigs of ram performance in the double premiere with a different story. Although editing started out just fine as I kept adding layers and effects of slap soft start to slow down more and more credits are not too complicated and you should be fine editing life projects. With the premiere for maximum performance though I recommend using Final Cut Pro and that performance aside what is it like using this laptop. Well, it is significantly lighter.

I don’t have to worry about charging it all the time and just using a suit I plug papers is a nice experience. everything just gets easier to do with it but even with all these compliments I still have my complaints the display is pretty bad for color accurate work the colors look washed out and the screen does look at that takes elated. I also don’t prefer the way icon scale by default they are unnecessarily large but that’s something you can still adjust in the settings the bevels are pretty thick which can look an appealing that’s just nitpicking. at this point overall this is a very solvent laptop.

  • Battery life is excellent
  • Standard USB ports
  • MagSafe connection.
  • The Design feels dated
  • Low-resolution screen
  • Windows offer newer components

Asus VivoBook pro – Most Recommended Laptop for Coding


There’s an Intel 7700HQ quad-core Kabylake CPU which runs at 2.8GHz and can turbo up to 3.8Ghz. I’ve got 8GB of DDR4 memory running at 2,400MHz here, but it’s also available with 16GB. For storage, there’s a 1TB Seagate 5,400RPM hard drive installed. However, there is the option of getting an SSD instead. For the graphics, we’ve got Nvidia’s 1050 in combination with a 15.6 inch 1080p 60Hz TN panel, and we’ll see how this performs later in the benchmarks.

For the network connectivity, there’s a gigabit ethernet port, 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2. The laptop has a silver brushed metallic look to it. Both on the outside of the lid and on the inside. After dealing with a bunch of black laptops lately, I admit it was a nice change. The physical dimensions of the laptop are 38cm in width, 25.6cm in depth, and 1.92cm in height. The total weight of the laptop is advertised at 1,990g, and when testing mine it weighed it weighed very close to this. When including the power brick and power cable for charging the total increases to around 2.5kg, so it’s fairly lightweight and portable for a 15-inch laptop.

As mentioned the screen here is a 15.6 inch 60Hz 1080p TN matte panel. The panel looks alright front on, but once you start looking from another angle the colors shift a little and it doesn’t look as good. As long as you’re looking at it directly front on it looks fine. I’ve also measured the color produced by the screen using the Spyder 5 Pro, and my results returned 61% of sRGB, 44% of NTSC and 46% of AdobeRGB, so in terms of color reproduction. It doesn’t seem to be that good. While it’s certainly fine for day to day office use and occasional gaming, I don’t think I’d want to use it for content creation or design work, which is fine as that doesn’t seem to be where it’s targeted at anyway.

While moving the display there was only a tiny bit of flex, it’s fairly solid as the hinge runs along most of the base. Unfortunately, you can’t open the laptop with one finger, too much of the weight seems to be placed towards the back which prevents this. Above the display is an HD camera, so it’s only capable of 720p video at 30 FPS. The camera’s still fairly grainy even with decent lighting, the microphone sounds alright, about average, but I’ll let you judge for yourself.

The keyboard is chiclet and is illuminated with white LEDs which can be adjusted between three brightness levels. No options to change the colors, unfortunately. Overall I liked typing on the keyboard, and the keys had plenty of spacing between each other, which I think is why the Numpad is fairly narrow for a 15-inch laptop. I’ve personally got no issues with that as I don’t really use the Numpad myself, but something to be aware of if that’s important to you.

There was some flex while pushing down hard on the keyboard but this wasn’t noticeable under normal typing conditions, overall it feels fairly solid. I also found the touchpad to work pretty well, it’s got a very smooth surface and I had no problems using it. Although the whole touchpad is a flat single surface there are left and right buttons available.

Moving onto the available I/O on the left we’ve got the power input, Gigabit Ethernet port, a powered USB 3.0 Type-A port, HDMI port, and a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C port, no Thunderbolt there though. Over on the right, there are a couple of status LEDs, SD card reader, combined 3.5mm headphone and mic jack, two USB 2.0 Type-A ports, and Kensington lock. There’s nothing at all on the front, and the same goes for the back which is just more of that silver finish.

Upon the lid, there’s the ASUS logo which has a mirrored finish to it. The silver finish on both the lid and interior of the laptop did a great job at hiding fingerprints, and the ones that you do notice are fairly easy to clean. Underneath there’s some air intakes to keep everything cool, as well as some rubber feet which both help prevent the laptop from moving around on flat surfaces when in use, and also raise it up slightly to help let cool air in. The speakers are found on the bottom towards the sides near the front, and I thought they sounded pretty good for laptop speakers. There was a bit of bass and they sounded clear even at higher volumes.

Powering the laptop is a 47 Watt-hour 3 cell battery, and with a full charge and doing basic tasks such as browsing the Internet and watching YouTube with the screen on around half brightness, keyboard lighting off and background apps disabled, I was able to use it for 3 hours and 18 minutes. While playing the Witcher 3 with medium settings and Nvidia’s battery boost set to 30 FPS the battery lasted for 1 hour and 8 minutes. Compared to other larger and heavier 15 inch laptops that I’ve tested the VivoBook did extremely well in the gaming result, likely thanks to the lower powered 1050 graphics. During normal use with an ambient room temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, the CPU idled at 44 degrees Celsius while the GPU idled at 43 degrees Celsius, and here are the external temperatures of the laptop where you’ll actually be putting your hands.

With the CPU and GPU maxed out for half an hour with the same room temperature, the CPU reached a maximum of 95 degrees Celsius, while the GPU peaked at 79c. The CPU got fairly hot and was throttling by around 5%, however, this stopped if the GPU load was removed, it only happened with both fully utilized. We can see that the keyboard area has warmed up quite a bit more, mostly towards the middle and it was noticeable while typing, but not too bad.

I also found the laptop fairly quiet when not gaming, at idle it sat around the 37-decibel mark and I could barely hear it, this is what it sounded like. While maxing out both the CPU and GPU it went up to 53 decibels, which I’ve found pretty typical for most laptops, and here’s what that sounded like.

Finally, let’s take a look at some benchmarks, we’ll first cover some real-world gaming benchmarks followed by tests with various benchmarking tools. While I’m aware that 1050 isn’t meant to be a serious gaming graphics card, I wanted to test some of my usual suite of games against it to see how it held up, also I don’t personally have many low demanding titles, I didn’t bother with the most resource-intensive titles though. All tests were run at the 1080p resolution with all Windows and Nvidia updates to date installed.

  • Comparatively affordable
  • Speedy performance
  • Colorful display
  • Weak battery life
  • Slow SSD

Dell i7577-5241BLK  – Best High Performance Laptop for Programming


When you have an inexpensive gaming laptop there’s got to be something right there’s you want to find that one thing that the company cut the corner on or did something weird with to provide it at that price point. Last year they launched with a TN panel that was unimpressive, to say the least, this year this launches with an IPS panel right off the bat and it’s pretty good.

It’s a reasonably color accurate screen with decent brightness. The viewing angles aren’t great especially for an IPS panel but it’s way better than the old TN panel and actually slightly better than the IPS panel that they used previously. There’s a 4k panel option which I obviously don’t have but based on last year’s panel that was actually quite good. So if you do need higher resolution I wouldn’t be afraid to get that 4k upgrade okay.

Another thing we’ve added is a Thunderbolt 3 port so they have all the regular stuff use b3 a bunch of them three of them Ethernet port SD card slot and the Thunderbolt three port is nice because this one’s running four lanes of PCIe. So if you’re plugging up an external GPU to this thing you’re getting the maximum bandwidth.

It’s a design refresh this one feels like it has some alien where DNA creeping in the grille is different. I wouldn’t say it’s better or worse from last year’s I personally like the design but every was gonna be a little bit different. The soft touch material is gone it’s not on the surface. It’s not on the keyboard deck and feels like that was a material that felt and looked really cool when he first got it. But as you use the computer more and more and it got gunky it was just weird.

The hinge is unchanged and I didn’t love the positioning of this hinge even last year. It’s kind of closer to the middle it makes it easier to torque. Like if you open this laptop from the side it that you just tend to torque the screen a little bit more and every time you do it if you do it hundreds or thousands of times with the lifespan of the laptop. I don’t know how will do for the longevity of that hinge but last year’s hinges seem to hold up well. So I feel like this one will be the same.

The screen in the top panel has a little bit of flex to it nothing too bad but the keyboard deck is rock-solid. It does not feel like a thousand dollar gaming laptop. Its metal and there’s no play or soft spots on this thing the corner down here still bugs me. So last year’s 75-67 had the same kind of corner and depending on your wrist positioning and just how you kind of use your keyboard this can be an issue.

The trackpad is also solid. it’s a plastic surface but it uses Windows precision drivers and the tracking is good. there’s also a fingerprint sensor on the power button. it’s awesome this thing works really quickly and accurately to get you into Windows.

Webcam looks and sounds like this nothing amazing I feel like the image quality hasn’t changed in like three years. it’s not terrible but it’s not great getting the laptop is super easy. It’s a single screw and when you unscrew it off. It actually stays on the back panel there’s a c-clip that holds it in place. So you can’t even lose a screw if you wanted to inside we have a two and a half inch hard drive bay. This slot is empty because I got an SSD with it but it comes with the cable comes with a caddy.

If you want to add a hard drive to it you have access to the SSD the one that they include is actually really fast the Wi-Fi card is good. it’s the Intel 86 5 and you also have access to the two RAM slots. So last year it was a 74 watt our battery this year is 56 and I’m getting around four and a half hours of battery life screen at 215. It’s okay.

There’s no sub so last year had a sub right in the bottom of the laptop which helped give it a little bit more bass. I didn’t have amazing speakers but they were pretty good this year the speakers projects at the front again. But because there’s no sub the bass is lacking. There’s no distortion but you definitely notice the lack of bass.

Thermal management on this laptop is good the external temperature is good. The internal temperatures are good there’s no throttling even during long gaming sessions. They did an excellent job with the thermal management the fan noise is also not bad at idle the fans don’t run and unload it’s still quite okay.

This laptop is running at GTX 1060 max Q and a KB Lake i7 the 7700 HQ now max q chips tend to run at lower clock speeds both the core clock and the boost clocks are slower but for whatever reason on this laptop, the boost clock is actually quite high. it’s not as high as a regular 1060 laptop but we’re hitting like 1645 megahertz which is really

Really close. now the performance I’m getting from this thing is not as good as a regular GTX 1060 because it’s not always gonna hit the maximum boost clock but everything except for the most demanding games will run really smoothly with really high graphics quality. Now as for the reason as to why they’re able to run their GPU a little bit faster because thermal management is as good as it is they’re able to bump up that boost clock.

  • High graphics quality
  • Great in-game performance
  • Excellent thermal management
  • Middling battery life
  • Mediocre trackpad

Acer Swift 3 – Powerful Thin & Light Laptop For Programming


This laptop is actually really nice-looking. It’s got an all-metal body. Now it’s not a unibody metal you know one-piece thing or anything like a MacBook but hey it’s got brushed aluminum. Unless you go looking for flex and the chassis, you’re probably not going to find it. So it feels like a solid durable laptop something you might expect to pay more than $650 for now. Aside from that, the keyboard is really good. It has a lot of key travel. It’s very spacious. It just feels comfortable to use.

You know again not the best touchpad out there this is not a MacBook Pro but it feels good. It’s responsive you can use Windows 10 touch features on it without any problem whatsoever you even get a fingerprint reader for login on this that’s $350 which is a little nut and it works well. You know it’s not the best fingerprint reader but you can usually log in on your first try and get right to work and that’s great.

It does have a pretty good array of ports and that’s something that’s really become an issue. With all kinds of thirty-inch laptops. A full-size HDMI, USB type-c and if you a little forward-looking there on that port headphone jack. Of course and then on the other side you get your SD card reader and another USB port and yeah this is an affordable system. And yet this is covering all the bases that are proud of our ports and you’re going to need with a laptop. So it’s great to see that on something that is this affordable.

Now that general praise extends to the display which is a 1080p display good sharpness a good contrast good color accuracy. It’s not the best in class in those respects but it actually scores pretty well across the board. The only real issue that we have with the display.  The brightness is a little bit lower than some competitors. You might be able to see this here because of the glossy panel and that low brightness. It can be a little hard to use if you’re trying to sit down in front of a sunlit window you know and get to work there you can probably still use it. If this might not be the best experience with that said though.

So you’ve got a Core i5 7200 you process earnest at the dual-core processor and that’s a really common processor which is an interesting thing you see that processor and laptops that are affordable like this and also laptops that are a lot more expensive.  Actually, that means this laptop can compete with ones that cost up to twice as much because they also have that same processor. Now even more surprising is the hard drive on this because it actually has a hard drive that connects through the PCI express standard. So when we tested it, we got write speeds that were over a gigabyte per second. Plus this model has 256 gigabytes of space that are again at $650 price level and that’s a very good amount of solid state hard drive space for the price.

It doesn’t have discrete graphics you know if you want to play like the shadow of Mordor or some other recent title like that that you’re going to have some issues. You can’t really expect this laptop to do that now it’s a 13-inch laptop this laptop is portable and even has a 13-inch display. It lessens to specifically a gaming laptop like an Alienware.

The battery life is good. It’s not the best but the 50 watt-hour battery in it give us a good account of it. so you can expect that if you are you know fairly conservative with the battery you can get through a whole workday with a little bit of charge left over.

  • Powerful for the price
  • Stellar battery life
  • Plenty of ports
  • Killer keyboard and trackpad
  • Down-firing speakers

Best Laptop For Programming Buyer’s Guide

Now if you already have a machine with you or maybe a desktop with you and you are learning or doing your job with it its fine.  If your laptop is completely enough to write a code or two if you want to learn to programme, you can use any machine.

Having a better machine will not make you a better programmer. Okay. It’s your skill set but then having a good machine will, of course, will improve your performance. It will reduce you what you say time to build a project because when you build a project it takes some time for the building process. Why?

Because of the compilation running and you want to see the instant output. That’s well having a good machine will always help.

Hardware capacity for a coder

  • Budget

Now the question arises if you want to buy a machine what to check was the first thing is the most important part is your budget. Right now it doesn’t matter which is the best version even if you talk about the best machine I prefer MacBook. MacBook this is the best machine you can have for programming but I think it can you afford it?

So the thing depends upon your budget. Which machine can you afford? Now I would prefer that increase your budget up.

  • RAM

Next thing is you have to consider RAM. Now how much RAM you need a 2gb no that is not enough especially if you are using Windows right maybe 4gb.

But the problem is when I use Windows on that the moment I enjoy I run I open windows because that’s attached a dual boot machine. So open to working completely fine. The moment I go for Windows then I open my STS which is spring tool suite for spring applications the moment everything loads up. you know I can see my entire RAM is full and the moment you open Chrome now and you’re gone.

So 4gb is of course not enough for you AGB dam is something we need now maybe again there are some people. they will say ok we also have a partition but trust me we talked about strap partition it will be taking a memory of hard drive and your hard drive is the slowest much slowest part of your machine. So I would say I 5 8 GB RAM 16 GB will be awesome but at least 8 GB with is required.

  • Hard Drive

Now the next thing is the hardware configuration or the hard drive. The hardware if we talk about I would say don’t go don’t think about hard drive see you will think about 1 terabyte you will think about to tell about but think about this why do we need a 1 terabyte or 2 terabytes?

We are programmers right we are not buying a machine for games. We are not buying machines to watch movies or something. why do you why do you need 1 or 2terabytese hard drive?  I would say instead of going for a hard drive, go for SSD another thing is when you buy a machine you will get a hard drive for a by default right. So have extra budget for SSD and trust me it will improve your performance by 2x or 4x!

  • SSD

If you have Windows now loads in tens again so maybe 15 seconds using SSD it will load in 6 to 7 seconds it is that fast right to replace your hard drive with SSD. If you are getting any hard drive and you can use the same hard drive as your external hard drive the way I am doing now so I have made my internal hard drive as my external hard drive using some cases. I do have a case so you have to buy extra in the case for the internal hard drive. Ok.  You can convert that into an external hard drive it works fine. So I 5 8 GB RAM and SSD.

Now minimum SSD will be 2 to 6 GB that is something required. Now so 2 to 6 GB SSD if you cannot afford that’s fine. You can still go for a hard web that’s fine. So hard drive SSD to slash a sturdy gram AGP and i-5

  • Screens Resolution


The next thing we need is the screens resolution you know when you buy a laptop having a full HD screen will be helpful that to a 15.6 inch because if you buy a smaller machine like 13 inch laptop or putting it 14 inches laptop the problem is when you as a programmer when you work on your screen you have to divide your spirit into two parts. Sometimes we write a code in a dual-mode we have to light up coal here we have to write up the code.

We also want to see the output right so if you can divide your screen into three parts it will be awesome right you cannot do that with we cannot do that with small machines I would also recommend if you are using your laptop at home by a small monitor you don’t need a big monitor now.

You can buy a small motor and you can connect your laptop to the point on it will be working fine if you’re buying a small machine but I would prefer to go for 15.6 inch machines right and that to full-HD the problem will be a cost because full-HD machines are costly if you cannot afford again you can go back to HD screen which will be having around 1300 into 768 resolution that’s perfectly fine.

  • Mobility

A bigger and brighter screen is better for a programmer but when it comes to mobility bigger screen might be an issue. If are just fine with a 13-inch laptop then why would you go for 15-inch? But don’t forget bigger screen is best for multitasking and it gives you more option to play with.

Programmers usually preferred 15-inch laptop as they come with more specs and features.

  • Processing Power (CPU)

Laptop’s CPU has a huge influence on programming performance. So you have to carefully choose them and before buying a programming laptop you have to think about the number of cores, frequency, and thermal design power.

So, core i5 or i7 processor and at least 3GHz frequency are preferred.

  • Battery life

If you travel a lot then battery life is a super considerable issue. At least 6 hours of battery life is essential. And more importantly, if you are a student battery life will help you a lot. But just don’t depend on what the manufacturer says, read real life review.

How to choose a Programming Laptop?

Let’s get started by saying that if you can afford the best laptop with i7 processor, heaviest possible graphics card, lots of RAM, t, of course, it’s not a problem. It’s not a question for you. But for the rest of the guys let’s try to answer what should be the best laptop that you can buy for coding purposes or programming purposes.

Now the first thing is that whether do you have an existing laptop or you want to just buy your first one then it’s going to be again a different question. Now a lot of people, a lot of college-going students want to just buy a laptop because they want to play games on that. Now if you are on that case go ahead buy a new laptop which is high-end there. There is no point of discussion with you because you obviously want to play a lot of games on that and that’s fine. Completely ok.

Now for rest of the people let’s get started by making a few notes that

What kind of programming what you want to do on your laptop?

So getting started with that now before we even also begin with that let me tell you that whatever laptop you want to buy is actually slightly out of your budget and that’s completely ok. It happens to all of us.

We are humans and it is an hour later that we always want to buy the stuff which is a little bit out of our reach and that ok. Is completely ok. We will have to adjust a little bit lower than that. So keep in mind in that that whatever laptop you really want to buy is a little bit out of your reach. So that’s ok. It happens all over the globe, it’s not about you.

Now coming back onto the point star-making notes on what kind of laptop you want to buy. Now the first point is whether in the nearby future you want to do some kind of IOS development or not. Whether in the nearby future you might, you slightly might want to go in designing the IOS app or the apps for the MacBook or just like that or watch apps or something like that. In case you have a slight mind of that no question at all. Just buy a Mac device there.

It might be a Macbook air, it might be a MacBook Pro, or the cheapest option is mac mini. You can go for that. Now keep in mind when you go and visit the store the mac mini is going to be your cheapest option because it’s just a CPU there. Obviously, it’s going to cost you a little bit extra onto the screen, the keyboard and the mouse. But still, it’s a Mac running OSX that can be really helpful while designing the IOS App.

Now in case you are onto the other range the else case who really don’t want to go for the IOS App or something then obviously you can leave the Mac. Because it’s an expensive thing and not everybody can afford that.

But again make sure that if you can afford it’s a good piece of hardware, great performance, but again obviously you have to adjust a little bit onto the Mac environment which is not at all tough. It’s much more easier than the windows consider this. So don’t just get afraid that I don’t want to go for the Mac and just like that.

Okay, that’s enough of the Mac. I’m not going to talk about the Mac much more that.

Let’s talk about what kind of risk of the programming you want to do?

Now if in your programming, it’s going to be a lot of usage of heavy end software like Maya 3d or for the rendering of your scenes. You might want to go into game development or mobile game development or mobile app development. Just like that these are your fields you definitely need a good hardware there.

The hardware should at least have one gigabyte of graphics cards and at least four or preferably eight gigabytes of ram there. This is the minimum requirement.

On the hard disk, I would say you can go for whatever the minimum is there but in case there is an option of SSD available or the fusion drive is available, go ahead for that. Obviously, it’s going to cost a little bit more money.

But again if in case your programming is going to be related to some kind of game development, you need your hardware to be high-end. Because there is a lot of rendering is done, a lot of processing is done. With that, I would also say that on those machines are running the software like Adobe Photoshop or Indesign or maybe Illustrator is completely easy and fast working there.

But again in case you are not in that genre and you will be designing a lot of websites in PHP, asp, python or maybe c C++, java just like that programmers, you don’t need that kind of expensive hardware. You can just go for 4 gigs of RAM and that’s it. You don’t need any graphics card. Although it would be great you can just work without a graphics card as well. So any laptop which is good for browsing purposes is going to be good in case you’re designing simply websites in PHP or WordPress or just like that.

So it’s completely okay.

Now also with that, I would like to touch upon the android developers as well. Now people might be thinking, hey! I might want to go into the android development what kind of hardware should I buy?

For android guys, I would say a graphics card is again an essential requirement for you. Although on to the official people say hey you can just go without that as well but I don’t believe so. It’s not at all possible to work smoothly without the graphics card.

On the ram side, I would say go for the 8 gigabytes of the RAM. Although 3 gigs or 4 gigs is completely ok but trust me when you run the simulators, a couple of simulators, obviously you’ll be testing your app onto a couple of devices at least. Then running these apps or switching between the simulator is not at all fun in 3 gigs of the ram or 4 gigs of the ram.

So for the app development, for the game development, is its needed that you need to have a little bit high end of the computer.

Now I know buying a hardware is not the cheapest option and especially in the college days, it’s not affordable. But I personally believe that while buying a new hardware is not an expense. It’s the investment that you are making on yourself. As soon as you learn that you can just pay on the installments just by a laptop on the investment on the installments and later on you can learn to design your own apps or websites do a little bit of the freelancing. And can pay off that.

It’s really that easy but again I completely do agree buying a new hardware is not that easy. It’s a little bit confusing but I would say don’t go for the company specifics look out for what specifications you are looking for. Don’t go that an Asus is better than HP or HP is better than Sony or Sony is better than Dell.

At the end of the day what you are paying for is the internal hardware that you’re looking for. So don’t go for the Brandished thing, go for what you really need. And again if you are windows fan go for the windows if you’re a Mac, then go for the Mac fan Mac kind of stuff. But again make sure you also understand one thing that whenever you buy a windows laptop or something look out for the cost that is extra there.

Mac vs. PC – Which One Is The Best Laptop For Programming?

It’s a question many find themselves asking do I buy a Mac or a PC and more importantly which one is the best Laptop for Programming. For many factors, you need to consider when deciding on an operating system.

First, the cost when it comes to Macs many people feel that the price is too damn high for the system and hardware you get buying a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro can cost over $1000 and that’s only with minimum specs buying a Mac Mini desktop is cheaper but it can still cost a lot.

If you’re looking for an affordable Mac. you’ll get stuck with a machine with subpar specs that you can’t really upgrade. if you’re not ready to make it rain at the Apple Store pcs come in a wide array of prices both desktops and laptops are offered with many different options and styles which allows you to shop around until you find the perfect one. That fits your needs and if you’re feeling really tech-savvy you can buy parts and build yourself a customized ring for even cheaper.

Another thing you’ll need to consider when buying a PC is security Mac’s are praised for their security and lack of spyware and viruses with fewer viruses most Mac users can get by without purchasing any virus protection. Windows users, on the other hand, will need to be ready for constant driver and security updates not to mention they’ll need antivirus and spyware protection. So that the computer won’t become bogged down and inoperable if you don’t mind staying on top of your virus software and are looking to save some cash you might want to consider a PC.

If you want a computer to test your programs as well as develop them Mac’s have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to what operating system you run a Mac can easily run both Windows and Linux using a variety of and on the flip side windows can’t easily or legally run the OS X operating system. This isn’t a problem if you’re only looking for a machine to develop on but if you want to test your projects as well it’s a good idea to have more operating systems available.

Another great reason to pick a Mac is that it is UNIX based this means that you get a terminal that is a bash shell with all standard UNIX utilities, a built-in secure shell as well as other software. that’s very useful for development if you want it to do this on a PC you need to download putty Cygwin and PowerShell which you’re just not as good as the UNIX terminal.

PCs require a lot of extra software to get the job done well that might just be because PCs have more options. Windows offers users a huge array of applications and software ranging from media player’s, computer maintenance programs to video games on a PC. You have an unlimited amount of choices regarding what types of software you want to use if one doesn’t fit your needs you can simply find another one.

Mac’s offer considerably fewer options for users it may have some subpar apps in certain areas windows also offers more hardware compatibility you’ll find that most hardware is designed with might need to pay a bit more attention.

To compatibility when it comes to development both platforms are equally good for programming it really depends on what environment and language you want to use so if you’re planning to work in Visual Studio and sequel server you would need to develop on a PC and if

developing for OSX or iPhone is your thing a Mac is a way to go for all other cross-platform programming languages. It usually doesn’t matter which operating system you’re programming in. It’s up to your personal preference when it comes down to it both machines are good for programming which you choose really depends on your main focus to really pick the machine you’ll need to know which features will best benefit you as well as what you want to develop for developing.