10 Best Hoverboard For Adults 2019 – Best Self Balancing Scooters

The self-balancing Scooters or the Hoverboards that are available to present market are safe and all Self Balancing Scooters are UL 2272 certified. One can use it without any issue.

When anybody decided to buy a Hoverboard he/she may be faced with difficulty. An average customer cannot be expert at buying a thing like this. As the current market has a lot of option to choose from. We considering all technical and non-technical matters to solve that issue. We are going to give you a real life review and complete view on top 10 Hoverboards.

So, let’s take a look at the 10 best Hoverboard for adults 2018.

We have told you that an average customer cannot choose the right one. A ton of option outside there. So, if you still confuse to choose the perfect one, You should read our whole real-life reviews. It is needless to say there will be no confusion to choose the correct one.

ModelMax weightTop speedBattery LifePrice
Razor Hovertrax 2.0220 lbs 8+ mph2 hr
EpikGo Sport Plus196 lbs12 mph2 hr
Segway mini pro220 lbs10 mph2 hr
Halo rover hoverboard420 lbs12 mph2 hr
Hover Board JetsonV6260 lbs10 mph2 hr
Hands-Free Segway175 lbs10 mph2 hr
Epikgo classic256 lbs 9.47 mph2 hr
XtremepowerUS hoverboard220 lbs7.4 mph3 hr
Swagtron T1220 lbs8 mph3 hr
Swagton T5187.4 lbs7 mph2 hr

1.The razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard – Best Self-Balancing Smart Scooter.

I got to tell more just a few days ago. I’ve already tried out a little bit. One of the nice things is a nice comfortable anti-slip platform also the aluminum pubs that help protect on the side. Ignoring it’s smaller size, it offers a huge range, speed, and overall performance.

Main Features:

  • World’s smartest self-balancing electric scooter.
  • UL 2272 certified.
  • Cruising speed of 8+ mph.
  • 350-watt silent motors.
  • 60 minutes continuous use.
  • Max weight 220 lb.
  •  36V lithium-ion battery pack.

I like to go through those a lot and the LED lights. The nice blue really bright is the clean blue LED light bars up front look pretty sweet. Cool-blue LED light bar display, fender bumpers, LED battery power indicator, and two riding modes for training & normal use.

The battery indicator lights give you a general idea of how much light here left on the hoverboard. Also, a nice feel that is new to the 2.0 version. It’s a removable battery pack right the bottom of the board easily swappable. You can get a couple more storm in a pack or something make you last a lot longer. So, as you get up to about 60 minutes out charge seems about right with what I’ve done so far.

One of the last features and also want to my favorite are the gyro sensors. Which means that if it’s not level and you turn it on, it levels itself. The gyro sensor just balances you fall off just keeps going balance to straight um even if you do end up rolling.

One thing I like about its just so quiet electric, so you can expect that. The only thing you use is just a slight arm of the motor. I want to point out is when you’re getting off.  You don’t want to get off forward because your forward momentum kind of caused it to jerk on you a little bit and give you a bigger chance to fall and stepping up backward just really easy to hoverboard is if you want to use much.

So, let’s not backward as always the safest option jewel-like. If you step back forward you have a greater chance of falling 7-yard. It down on board is this one trick you want it’s just been really great as ready super smooth. It is made by race fishing expect a great build quality a nice great feature is just the removable battery that you have quick swap the drag rope sensors that allowed to stay straight. You fall off keeps it from getting all scratched up you know it is a little bit pricier than, maybe some of the other ones not by much a little bit but I personally think is perfect.

2.EpikGo Sport Plus – Best Hoverboard for Off-Road Use


The sport plus model comes with 800-watt motors.  There are dual 400-watt motors in each wheel.  A maximum speed of 12 miles an hour and a maximum distance of twelve miles. So, I’m gonna tell you right off the bat that in my opinion 12 miles an hour is the way to freaking fast this thing. I took it up to max beyond.

Main Features:

  • 400W Dual Motors
  • A 10mile range on a single charge
  • 2x more powerful
  • 30% larger
  • 2- hour fast-charging technology.
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • UL 2272 Certified

Basically, the first day that I got it and I fell hard sprained my wrist. I mean it was worth it was fun but like it’s a hoverboard at 12 miles an hour is ridiculously fast. That’s the fastest skateboards on the market some smaller ones that the bullet you stuck. You know so the speed is it’s great.

800 watts of power means like it takes hills with literally no problem. It doesn’t slow down at all. Really easily it’s got the power to roll. If you go on the sidewalks and go indoors and go outdoors and go in the street. so the motors allow you to go anywhere but really 12 miles an hour it is just a way too fast man. So, I think would be cool if they had a mode where you could access all of the torque.

Your Bluetooth on it’ll find the epic go score plus and you can start streaming music if you want.  I think this is a cool feature to be able to have a Bluetooth like great here.

Speaker in here like it’s cool I guess if you’re at a party or something you wanted to want to have some music going. It’s pretty loud like it’s actually a decent sound system.

Let’s go over the lights real quick so I can show you guys what the difference these lights. the power levels are 92. There are two lights so there’s either sixty-six percent or less. bars 100% to six and six percent to bars 66 a 33-percent one bar thirty-three percent 20.

I think that’s a great feature super safe and yeah like overall with this board. I think it’s absolutely a hundred percent perfect separated maximum speed.

let’s talk real world examples here. Now, on the website again remember it says you can go 12 miles on a single charge and I found that to be a little bit less than real world maybe about eight miles or so that’s pretty common with an electric vehicle.  You know they’ll tell you what the maximum mileage under the perfect conditions like hard ground, flat level ground. You know going slow not max speed.

I would say honestly yeah if you’re looking for a Hoverboard then this is definitely the one to get. It’s honestly too powerful and it’s just too fast.

If you are already comfortable riding it then yeah definitely something that you would absolutely love. This thing it’s really a freaking work.

3.Segway mini pro – Self-Balancing Personal Transporter with Mobile Application


This is the mini-bot Pro it’s not a full-size Segway but the same gyro stabilizing technology. I’m just giving you a quick demonstration.

Main Features:

  • Remote control operation, Anti-theft alarm, speed control, customizable lights, vehicle diagnostics, and firmware updates can be connected via Bluetooth.
  • UL 2272 Certified.
  • 220 lbs payload
  • light-weight and durable
  • Padded kneebar

A companion app that also lets you LED lights and also get accustomed to riding it. Wow, then he can be really cool. It’s smart enough that at night they’ll turn on the front LEDs to help illuminate the path you have also LEDs for when you’re braking or reversing turning a left or right and all of them are actually customizable. They designed this so you’re supposed to be able to travel that last mile. You know from the bus from your home the grocery store but it’s so you’re not riding on the highway.

There is a mode on the app that says Bluetooth remote control so you can like control. Well, would you like to try? You can actually travel long distances so it’s the top speed top speed I think 10 miles per hour so what is that like 16 18 kilometers an hour.  I’m like that yeah and they’ll go about  14 miles which is a lot of distance.

The Segway mini Pro is essentially a more slimmed down version of that and it’s also consumer friendly now a lot of people will probably tell you this is a hoverboard of some kind.

What this product is better it’s actually the next step in the evolution of personal transportation just because it utilizes various technologies to make it far better and also has a smartphone aspect. Because it’s connected via Bluetooth to your device.

Its design’s definitely a lot more stylish and aggressive and that’s evident with the black paint job and red accents found throughout the device. It’s also a lot beefier healthier than most. The frame itself is built from a super light durable magnesium alloy gives it a lot of strength and integrity and on top of.

This is a far safer implementation than a hoverboard where you’re basically tilting your feet one foot back one foot forward and kind of throws you a little bit off-balance this doesn’t really impede the balance. There’s also an anti-security alarm feature that will notify you of an event that it’s being tampered with or moved around but of course this all hinges on the range of your Bluetooth connectivity.

I found to be pretty safe for the most part so just like most hoverboards it’s all about finding that center of gravity.

4. Halo rover hoverboard – Best Hoverboard to Buy in 2018


This board is substantially bigger than most with giant eight and a half inch non-flat tires and an overall aluminum build. This board is branded as indestructible. The board is ipx4 water-resistant and it can climb 20-degree hills, go up to 10 miles in distance at a max speed of 9 miles per hour. Rover also features some of the great extra features from the halo board such as a Bluetooth speaker, LED headlights in the same proprietary charger which I like because I keep one in my pack and one at home to charge the other board.

Main Features:

  • UL 2272 safety certified
  • Exclusive Halo technology
  • Bluetooth & Mobile App
  • Riding anywhere with your Halo Rover.
  • Learning, normal, & advance mode

Getting on is pretty easy and going forward and backward spinning in circles it turns really easy forwards and backward it’s fun to ride. It has a max weight of 264 pounds and it goes up to 10 miles an hour and it has a 90-minute recharge and is really fun I’ve been driving it.

Riding on it off and on for about four or five days now and I haven’t had to recharge it yet so it’s pretty cool again this is the halo rover and it’s really super sturdy I have knocked it

So, it’s really cool we highly recommend this be an amazing Christmas gift for all ages of all ages I mean everybody. The whole family loves this from five to forty it’s just it’s super awesome. This is extremely durable.  It can handle just about any surface and it’s very powerful it’s also UL 2272 certified.

We noted it is an altering hoverboard that means that the wheels are going to be 8.5 inches in diameter and the bigger wheel is allowed to conquer different surfaces like snow mud grass or sand. It’s also water resistant and takes it outside the rain you’re not going to have any problems.

5. Hover Board JetsonV6 – Self Balancing Scooter


The Jetson VA I thought to be a sis’s v6 this is the Jetson v6 active balanced a scooter. Alright, so this is by a brand name Jetson that I’ve never seen before.

Main Features:

  • Dual 400-watt motors
  • Top speed up to 10 mph.
  • Support up to 231 lbs
  • UL 2272 Certified
  • Charging time of 1.5 hours.
  •  Zero degrees turning radius
  • 3-speed modes
  • LED headlights and rear braking lights
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Water resistance rating of IPX4

It is it’s quite heavy or it’s blue on it’s got blue streaks on the pads. they got it has 8-inch wheels its heavy. This is almost 27 pounds. There’s the bottom of it um I’ve got some scratches on it there’s the on/off switch and this is the fit but the best part.

It’s so cool the standard hardware has six-inch wheels but this is an 8-inch wheel but then I bought this at Target. Power on, power off, the low battery you know tooth pain Bluetooth pair, that’s right Bluetooth paired you can sync your phone with it.

You can change the colors of the lights, you can make em dimmer or brighter bright as they get weird. I want to break it by pushing on too much on the table but you can do that and then it was like a like a total distance you travel or like.

What the top speed you can’t write you travel on it the top speed on this thing is like 10 miles an hour the box claims and the manual says but if you really want to push it over its limits of begging at 12 to 50 miles per hour out of this thing. You just shouldn’t go above 10 miles an hour or even close to that.

What this is so many safety features, it’s fire-resistant, it’s weather resistant and it shuts off by itself when it’s fully charged. So, you don’t worry about recharging it or overcharging it and it takes about two hours of charge and if it and you have like an hour. So, a riding time it says up to 15 miles per charge so that’s actually a lot of the 2 hours of charging.

Your chain you’re printing to change color mode and you’re listening to music at the same time and your Bluetooth is connected and you’re doing everything that it has to offer and you’re riding. It all at the same time your battery life isn’t gonna last all that long it’s going to be cut down by a fraction.

Okay, so the last thing I forgot to say is that the music in the speaker’s I place. So, I am super impressed with this for the price it offers a lot I know it’s pretty expensive but it’s pretty cheap for a hoverboard they the other ones I definitely recommend this one.

6. Hands-Free Segway – Best Hoverboard For Smart Adults


We have the scooter itself which is actually a hefty 27 pounds. So if you run out of battery out on the road with this thing hopefully you’re very close to a vehicle because carrying this thing around is not going to be that much fun.

Main Features:

  • A 10-mile range on a single charge
  • UL 2272 Certified
  • LED headlights and rear braking lights
  • 3-speed modes

It’s even got those cool little lights right there just to kind of show off you don’t really need them. They don’t really work very well. I mean if you’re in a really dark house or hallway then it works a little bit but they’re really just for show. Now in terms of battery, they say that you have a 10-mile range on a single charge.

The build quality is actually very good. It holds up really well I mean this thing was rolling around like crazy even the wheels. I mean these aren’t air tires so you’re not going to get a flat it’s a solid rubber and it feels very solid and premium and right up here. This is where you’re going to get your light indicator if you roll this thing around.

It actually goes into sleep mode if you leave it on. It’s not very long either probably like five minutes or so that’s really nice. Because it conserves battery now right next to that we have the charging station.

A battery indicator basically telling us that we have a good battery now. If it’s getting low it’s going to start flashing red and beeping at you so just keep that in mind that kind of gives you a little pre-warning that this thing is going to die.

If you’re trying to decide between the Apple watch and this scooter, I would say hands down buy this scooter. Just because it is a ton of fun and in my personal opinion I get a whole lot more utility and fun out of this scooter than I do out of my Apple watch.

7. Epikgo classic – All Terrain Self Balancing Scooter

Epikgo-classic Self- Balancing-Board

The epikgo can travel over all terrains such as grass dirt mud sand and even pose. the board truly built to go anywhere.

Main Features:

  • UL 2272 Certified
  •  400W Dual Motors
  • Over 10mile range
  • Solid rubber tires
  • Water resistance.
  • Easily maneuver
  • 2x more powerful
  • 30% larger
  • 1 year limited warranty

Solid rubber tires are also extremely durable so you’ll never have to worry about them popping or going flat because they’re built for handling anything. Metal fenders are actually the first line of defense when it epic goes off balance if the epical goes down these are the first things to hit the ground. So, they protect not only your board but also protect you these fenders. Metal fenders also protect the rider because if any dirt sand or gravel comes up in the middle of writing these will shield the writers.

The rubber cushion footpads these cushion foot pads are what make epikgo the most comfortable ride on the market. They are extremely comfortable in their shock absorbent so you don’t always feel the ground beneath you. So, if you’re going over a tough terrain epical make sure that it’s still the most comfortable ride out there there’s. Also, 30%  more foot space on the artboard than there is on any other board on the market.

These foot pads are also what makes the board go because of their weight and emotion sensitive. If you lean far to the left your board will go to the left if you lean too far to the right your board will go to the right if you lean forward you’ll go forward and the same if you go backward.

Epico is one of the safest boards on the market. This board charge is extremely fast and before you know it you’ll be ready to go in no time up next is the power button it’s easy to power your board up. Just press the button once and as you see the lights will turn on and you’re ready to go.

Powering off, the board is the same as powering on press the button and you’ll see all the lights go it’s important to turn your board off after used to save battery. Epico like a car has turned signals or blinkers these are extremely important. Because, if you’re riding with friends or

if people are walking behind you, they can easily know which direction you’re going. If you shift to the right, the right light will turn on, if your shift to the left, the left light will turn on.

Epikgo LED headlights are so bright they light up the night you can ride even without a flashlight. This is what truly makes epic oh the board built to do more on the board built to go anywhere. The green light indicators on top of the board these indicators are actually two separate things the ones on the left side and the ones on the right side have nothing to do with each other.

A fully charged Epikgo will have three illuminated lights on this side of the board. We have the function lights these lights let you know that your board is functioning properly. If one light is illuminated that simply means that the board is powered up and are a second light will appear.

You never want to see the third light so remember these lights are actually two separate things. One side of your board is going to be the battery indicator and this side of your board is going to be the functions of Decatur.

8. XtremepowerUS hoverboard – Best Hoverboard for Adults in Terms of Features


The scooter itself which is actually a hefty 27 pounds. So, if you run out of battery out on the road with this thing hopefully you’re very close to a vehicle because carrying this thing around is not going to be that much fun. So, if you guys have looked these up online before they don’t really have a name so just gonna be calling it a scooter.

Main Features:

  • Brand new and high-quality Self Balance Scooter
  • Electric drive and environment-friendly design
  • Portable and easy storage
  • Convenient transportation
  • UL certified
  • Comes with carrying case

It’s really simple, very natural feeling as you can see and it’s very responsive. I mean you can tell that I am very agile on this thing just by you know shifting my feet a little bit. They say that you have a 10-mile range on a single charge but I didn’t really have that type of range especially outside.  just because I mean, if you’re going up and down hills it’s going to wear on the battery.

On the front across here, you will find some LED lights that give an indication of when the scooter is balanced.  The wheels they’ve got a nice rubber texture.

There are some LED indicators for battery level as far as I know so the self-balancing scooter comes with some pressure-sensitive pad that when you step on them. You can actually feel a little click these will activate the wheel on each side so when both of them are pressed the balance.

Though the scooter will go and then on the backside right here you have your power switch and then you have your charging port and I think that’s just about it to the balance wheel. I think this is so cool honestly guys like this is the future.

9. Swagtron T1 –  Best Hoverboard For Young Adults


The t1 model the Swagtron t1 is definitely the best hoverboard on the market right now. So, come to the dark side and get a Swagtron hoverboard. This one called the Swagtron still one of the most popular toys out there. it’s a world’s first UL-approved hoverboard.

Main Features:

  • UL 2272 Certified
  • LG smart battery
  • Passed 159 tests
  • No potential fire hazards.
  • 250W Dual Motors
  • LED battery indicators.
  • Up to 220lbs of weight
  • Self-balancing
  • 1 year limited warranty

It has the same top speed as the original hoverboard – around 6 to 8 miles an hour. Now, let’s compare the two the foot pads on. The Swagtron look much cooler and they’re non-slip they also have different wheel designs the Swagtron has an exposed rim design versus the hoverboards closed rim. It has a built-in beginner mode which makes it much easier for first-time users. Just double press the power button.

Swagtron t1 has a fire retardant plastic shell and rubber foot pad on the inside has an aluminum shell were on the battery keeping all. If any explosions enclosed they also go through rigorous tests to ensure that their product is safe.

The Swagtron is definitely a smoother ride than the original hoverboard sometimes the originals freak out like this but the swag Tron doesn’t do to new technology inside.

10. Swagton T5 – Advanced Self Balancing Scooters


This is the Swagtron t5 smart board or hoverboard is a more commonly known as a really fun little thing to ride on.

Main Features:

  •  Up to 11 miles on a single charge
  • Speeds up to 8 mph
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Easy management App
  • Beginner friendly
  • Durable armor
  • Ul2272 tests

This model is a top-of-the-line model it features built-in Bluetooth speakers, top speed of up to 8 miles per hour. You can control all this through the Swagtron app probably the biggest feature the one you’re probably the most concerned about the outset.

UL- certification means its battery will not explode this whole thing is actually made of a kind of fire retardant plastic. The batteries encased in some crazy chamber that keeps the impact from hurting it that keeps it from overheating and exploding.

It has all sorts of certification. So, it is super safe to use great hoverboard though why the most sturdy hoverboard I’ve ever been on real quick. There’s also built-in carry handle this weighs I think they say around 22 pounds I still feel pretty heavy but this carry handle is great.

You turn it on pretty simple there’s a silver button right here. Press it once and you’ll see a battery level indicator on top and just like most other hoverboards that you’ll ride it’s pressure sensitive. So, if you put one foot down on the top it’ll know there’s pressure there and won’t take off with you depending on what mode two feet on it. it’ll light up.

You can see some headlights there to turn just twist your feet again same with any other motor board twist the opposite direction turn it’s very smooth extremely quiet just like anyone huh.

If you’re used to riding other devices they’re similar to this to get off simply put one foot off and release the pressure. On the other foot and you’re good to go the best hoverboard I have ever been on. I’ve been on a few hoverboards it’s sturdy the foot base is a little bit wider.

So, again the Swagtron t5 hoverboard extremely safe extremely fun probably the best hoverboard on the market right now.

How to use Self Balancing Scooters

If you are nervous to get on this the first time and you’re kind of scared. You really want to learn how to ride but you’re scared. I highly recommend at least a helmet. If you’re scared if you feel like you’ve got this then take it at your own risk but a helmet may be necessary additional things if you’re super nervous. you just want to keep sure no injuries elbow pads knee pads you will fall. I actually have a couple minor cuts it won’t be too bad but it could be bad you may get some cuts on just your elbows and knees.

So pads like that may totally help. Also, you want to wear shoes when I first rode on this for the first time I was wearing shoes and my friend was wearing no shoes. He was in his bare feet this thing hurts. It’s 25 pounds and if you run over your foot someone else’s foot anything you trip off and hit you the back your ankle. It hurts. Shoes are necessary you may feel like you’re one with the board without shoes wear them though.

It’s made of some cheap composite plastics and did their stories of these things breaking if you’re not careful with them. So you want to protect the board if 700 or even $300 you spent on this is a lot of money for you and this is the new baby you want to take care. You don’t want to get it scuffed up one scratch will make you cry.

Hoverboard charging instructions

I’ll be teaching you guys an essential tip and it’s probably one of the most important. And that is how you recharge your hoverboard. Your hover was running out battery what do you do? So well when you buy the hoverboard you will find power brick and a charger. And an adapter which is a little connector, yes that’s basically It. The first step you need to do is always turn off your hoverboard. Look at the light, if it’s still on-always turn it off, never charge when it’s still on because you never know it could explode. The battery explodes more when it’s on charge.

Okay, now put the little connector into electricity. Then you’ll see light turn on from power brick. You will see 3 pins and then you align it with 3 pins on your hoverboard. But the thing is most people will kind of get it wrong. Well, what’s the catch?

Well, there is a catch because if you look closely at the connector closer, there’s actually a little bump if you can see.

So you just kind of find the corner of your hoverboard and then you just kind of align it in at two o’clock. So once you kind of find the two o’clock position you put it in and there you have it, you just charge the hoverboard.

And how you check that if it’s charging or not? You have a look at power brick and its light turn red straight away. And yeah it will turn green when the battery is fully charged. And yeah some hoverboard may actually sound for some reason03:03

Just remember to unplug it after you charge it.