About TechnoGearLab

About TechnoGearLab

TechnoGearLab – a project entirely devoted to new technologies from various fields of science and technology, new products and other technological things that are already widely penetrating into our everyday life and, perhaps, will radically change it in the future. The team of authors working on the project provides you with the latest and most up-to-date material from all over the world. Our site publishes both translated materials from foreign sources and the author’s articles. All our visitors have a possibility to take part in discussions of any published material and in arisen discussions, you have a possibility to estimate a material both in the positive, and in the negative side (in case of spam or inadequacy of materials). We are interested in all your opinions and estimates, so please feel free to express your opinion, whatever it may be.

Since our project is quite young and is still in its infancy, we ask you to help the project in any way you can. It can be not only financial help, which of course we will not refuse, the help can be in placing information and links to our project on other resources, and just in what you can tell your friends about the project. For advertisers, we always have a place to put their ads. If you have any questions about help, sponsorship, etc., please contact the project administration through the internal mail or via e-mail at [email protected]

We always welcome new contributors to the project, whether they’re just a regular visitor or a novice author willing to join our team. This project is done primarily for all of you.

Regards, TechnoGearLab team and administration.

Please note that the administration reserves the right to make changes to any published material. Please do not post SEO links and/or completely duplicated content from other sources.

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